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Review (Sponsored) : Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy

Posted by Kania Safitri at 10:29 AM
Hello Beauties...

Can you guess what I'm feeling now? Yup I am feeling happy right now! Yeay Alhamdulillah  I've got to share my happiness with you all. Yes.. I'm one of the lucky winners and I received this awesome Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy Scrub.
This is a new product launched a few days ago, but this product has been sold and so many good testimoninial from this product. I have never heard of the brand Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy before. So Let's find out more about it, shall we? As you all already know, packaging is very important to me. When I first caught sight of Sugar Scrub case quite fine and sturdy. Jar Sugar Scrub is covered with flannel, very creative and unique, simple packaging made into attractive . I must say it's love at first sight for me. 

Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy is a beauty body treatment that is made from raw material sugar, japanese rice, oats, live oil, natural extracts and other natural ingredients. Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy is formulated by experts and 100% made of natural ingredients, dye-free, fragrance-free and preservative-free of course. The scent is also delicious for this chocolate variant. when using a sugar scrub so you can feel relaxed and comfortable. Sugar scrub can be use for all family, children event pregnancy woman like me :).
The texture scrub floured sugar granules such as milk powder. There are so many Variants such as Strawberry, Rose, Green Tea, Mulberry Leaves, Coffee, Chocolate, Rosella and soon going to add anymore Avocado, Milk and Apple. Yes I want to try other variants. The price Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy is still affordable price Rp. 50,000

 How to use:
1. Take Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy taste
2. Add water until the pasta dough and rub evenly throughout the body
3. Wait to dry, then rub gently then rinse with water

Storage Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy after use: Cover tightly after him, make sure there is not water dripping and keep dry place so that can be used in the long term, because Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy can be used until one year. Use 2-3 times a week or as often as needed. Reminder because there is a natural sugar content, keep out of reach of ants. 

I tried this and i was blown away by how soft my skin felt. I scrubbed my hands with it and i felt like i had a new layer of skin on and moisturizes my skin well.! it smells great and totally is relaxing and soothing and smoothing! I cannot show you a "Before & After" shots because I know the photo can't give justice. The lightening effect on me isn't that noticeable but I am not disappointed because I know the product does it job however.

I like:
- The packaging is unique,
the cap of the jar is easy to open.
- Made from natural ingredients
- Not containing fragrances, preservatives and coloring free
I really like the scent. It's just heavenly.
I love how it nourishes the skin while scrubbing

- gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to smoothen and give it a radiant glow
It also moisturizes and leaves skin with a light fragrant scent.

I don't Like:
I cannot think of any that I dislike about this product.

Overall I Love the Sweet Candy Sugar Scrub, one of that I liked the scent. because the scent can make me feel relaxing and comfortable...

I get this product from winning Giveaway of Sweet Candy And after that, 10 people from Beauty Blogger who are the lucky to review the Sugar Scrub by Sweet Candy, and the best review from 10 people beauty blogger  will have a chance to get Free 3 new variants they are Avocado, Milk and Apple. Hopefully, I was lucky to get one of the new variant :)

For more details and anything about Sugar Scrub by sweet Candy, visit their social media on: 
Twitter : @sugarscrub27
IG : @sweetcandyscrub
HP/Whatsapp : 085742888444
Pin BB : 75E21002 
Line : Sugarscrub27

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