Monday, February 2, 2015

My Short Story About 2nd Pregnancy

Posted by Kania Safitri at 2:21 PM
Hey ho beauties...

Now let me share about my second pregnancy. Yes this is my second unpredictable pregnancy, why unpredictable? because I know after it has been running 4th month. I think you will ask why I don't know about my pregnancy hahaha... it's really happened in my life, but I'm happy because I think I will have a baby in short time 5 months agaian!

So many question to specialist doctor like why I still get coming moon?, why my tummy is flat? and you know I never felt morning sick. On my first pregnancy I never too felt morning sick but I know it before check to the doctor.

While my 2nd pregnancy I still join so many beauty blogger event until 7 month because my hubby is worried if I drive car lonely with my big tummy. Yes I never felt morning sick but this time every month I felt some of sick like I never have maag, sinus and cacar hwa... I felt I'm not stronger like my 1st pregnancy my body is very easy to get sickness but Alhamdulillah I still believe that Allan will recovery me from all the sickness.

We have been waiting for new baby born it's about early March bas on Doctor prediction. Hope everything is gonna be alright, we all healthy and get well soon after new baby born. Alhamdulillah thanks god my Allah gave us everything in my family, hope it will be last forever.

So.. wait and see for the next our baby born. I will share our baby photos and story!

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