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Review (sponsored) : Revitalift Laser x3 New Skin Anti-Aging Power Water 175ml

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I know it still rainy day out there but don't forget to keep healthy and beauty guys. Now I'd like to review one of the best 2014 product from L'Oreal beauty box. This products aid in enhancing the penetration of skincare products applied after. L’Oréal Paris today is driven by a passion to make women worldwide feel good and beautiful inside out, so that they can embrace life with confidence and charisma. With its diverse range of innovative products, L’Oréal Paris helps women of all ages and backgrounds look their best.
I'm not a fan of the packaging,. It's pretty simple and standard, which is fine, but because of the pour-bottle design, the top and cap can get very messy. So if you use this products often and you prefer a pump, it may be something you'd like to look into. The packacging is used plastic bottles with red color and purple cap fits it looks are sleek and classy. The scent is very soft almost non scented/ The scent is weak. Take a note from Japanese women, who are revered for their translucent, youthful and fair skin. Their secret skincare step? Treatment water, a must-have product to indulge the skin with a water-like lotion that deeply penetrates so that skin texture looks refined immediately. The product also seems to enhance the penetration of skincare products applied after.
The Revitalift L.A.S.E.R X3 Skin Anti-Aging Power Water is enriched with the powerful anti-aging L’Oréal Paris exclusive Pro-Xylane and Adenosine which helps skin regain firmness while enhancing hydration.This revolutionary anti-aging water has been formulated with a powerful anti-aging agent to visibly reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles while shrinking pores. Pro-Xylane helps to stimulate collagen synthesis & reinforce epidermal cohesion. Enhancing the density of skin and improves its elasticity, skin appears sleeker, plumper, recharged, even-textured & younger looking.
The product that comes with 175ml weights claimed that this Upon application, Revitalift Laser™ X3 Skin Anti-Aging Power Water helps skin to regain firmness while allowing light to radiate from its surface. Skin texture looks refined instantly, skin is immediately moisturised up to 48 hours, and looks replumped as well as feels more elastic. 
Take advantage of the watery texture, essence-like lotion in Revitalift Laser X3 Skin Anti-Aging Power Water. To get the best results, it is recommended that you follow this application technique.

Step 1: Pour approximately a 1cm-size of the treatment water on your palm.

Step 2: Apply liberally on your face and neck. Massage upwards to gently soften and regulate the skin surface.

Step 3: Using your fingers, gently press into your skin with a pressing technique. Repeat this process, especially on areas of concern like your forehead and around the mouth.

Step 4: After pressing, cover cheeks with your palms to aid with absorption.

A new skincare step that leaves skin texture refined instantly. Easy to use, comfortable on the skin, great results. Give your skincare routine a boost with L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Skin Anti-Aging Power Water. Revitalift Laser X3 Skin Anti-Aging Power Water is available for a recommended retail price around Rp. 250.000 - Rp. 280.000,-. Available in all drugstores, department stores, and supermarket.

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Okay that's one of the products that I get from L'Oreal Paris Beauty Box. Thanks for reading, see you on my next post and don't forget to follow my Blog, IG. FB and Tweeter.


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