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Event Report Cosmekita Launching Party

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Hi Beauties...

I am back with an event report, I think almost every weekend I made event report hehe... I'm sure my baby is sleeping now so I can write this event report. Last sunday I attended Cosmekita Launching Party was held on April, 27 2014 Starts 13.00 WIB until 16.00 WIB at The Akmani Hotel, Jakarta. I was invited by Sanny Lie Subroto as PR Cosmekita and of course! she is beauty bloggers :) This gathering was held as an appreciation from Cosmekita to Indonesian Beauty Bloggers, Media patner and Vendors. I am glad to meet with so many beauty bloggers. The event went amazing!

The event begins at 13:00 pm, starting with the re-registration and then we lunch together.
Cosmekita launching party starting from speech by Ms. Karmila Tjahyadi who is also the sister of the Owner Mr. Kenny Tjahyadi. And also Video Comercial from Cosmekita. Mr. Kenny Tjahyadi  gave us some of tips to be good blogger :) I was really excited, he can to be bloggers too hehehe one of tips is if you a blogger you must introduce your self. well.. Mr. Kenny Tjahyadi were introduced about Cosmekita.  

Cosmekita is a community website for beauty combined is powered by Blogger, users, online store, and Vendor. In Cosmekita, we collect the entire catalog of products so as to facilitate the search of products, as well as the beauty you can follow your favorite bloggers and also follow a special articles written by a team Cosmekita useful for you. In addition, you are becoming a user in Cosmekita members also could followup comments and review products, as well as sharing experiences regarding beauty products that has been used, and let's join the expanding community and sharing information with COSMEKITA concept, "Create, Beauty, Together".For further information you can visit the website on Let's joint beauties... Cosmekita has so many information all about beauty and also surprises to you :)

At the launch of the website there was Sanny Lie in Video to gave thanks. Sanny as a PR of Cosmekita who could not attend due to residing outside Jakarta.
This event there was beauty workshop by to make perfect brows by Ms. Olga Agradia with Riyanti as the model (I can't to take the pic because my baby need me to breastfeeding :D). Olga Agradia is famous MUA with a very nice eyebrows themselves to Olga sponsored by brand such as: Anastasia Beverly Hilss. Olga gave tips on how to make perfect eyebrows according to your face and eyes. She also gave an interesting trick to make the eyebrows more assertive, the use of concealer under bone the brow and above the eyebrows.

After the workshop Brows TutorialTwo of Beauty Blogger (one of them is is Rini Cesillia) be the model for the next workshop by Mr. Yamano Mitsuo and Mr. Yazawa Shoichi. They also introduce aurum which is a gold tattoo and Hair product from  there are Shampo and Treatment product.
They are beauties enthusiastic.... They looked like beauties reporter :) cool!

Gold tatto looks gorgeous!

 I got a chance to tried the tattoo.... the tatto was so cool in my hands it's like as my bracelet :D

Me with Mr. Yamano Mitsuo and Mr. Yazawa Shoichi.

There was also Mrs. Yulia Lusiana from Japan Softlens and Sasyachi as brand Ambassador from Japan Softlens. Actually in goodie bag we got that softlens but Mrs. Yulia cannot bring all of them and also me at the time didn't get that softlense so I'll be waiting for team Japan softlens send to me :).

The Shampo and Treatment Products from Yamano Salon of Beauty
 They are who got selfie photo contest Jesslyn, Shella and Raden Ayu :) congratulation guys... :)

Then Cosmekita closed with so many Door Prize to get Samsung  and OPPO Smartphone ;) congratulations to the lucky blogger Auzola! : D  for the Bloggers are still many gifts waiting for contests: event report & Review hehe! ; D

This is sweet goodie bag :)
Super cute invitation I've got from Cosmekita. it's like my makeup case by Masamishouko I love it :)
 I can still selfie even though cradling my baby hahaha...
My baby was exicited attended this event too.. hehehehe... is she cute isn't it? LOL wanna be the next beauty blogger :D

Lots of Makeup that I got from Goodie Bag Cosmekita. Thank you! 
1. Sleek Full Fat Lash Mascara.
2. Nature Republic Botanical Lipstick
3. Borjuis Blush 33 Lilas d'Or
4. Face Spa Whitening 2 in 1 Cleanser Powder
5. Japan Softlens (I haven't been getting :)  
You can see for the review by click the item (finnaly I can finished the all reviews hohoho)

Special Thanks for Cosmekita Team to make this event happened!

Review Face Spa Whitening 2in 1 Cleanser Powder

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This is the last review product in my goodie bag from event Cosmekita. Well let see my review guys..
The pakacging in small clear bottle made plastic and I think this is travel size only 60gr.  The texture is powder and I felt like granular scrubs when you apply in to your face. I don't know about this brand mostly. I know every beauty women really wants smooth and beautiful skin. Many facial washes catering to this desire are available on the market. One is 2in 1 Cleanser Powder, which is produced by theIndonesian cosmetics company Paramarta Spa. Its makers claim that the powder wash has the ability to both brighten and hydrate as well as cleanse your skin

The information that is on the set consists of a powder cleanser and a mist that serves as a moisturizer after cleanser but I didn't get that mist product. This product contains extract of jicama, jicama pachyrhizon rich, vitamin B1 and vitamin C. The composition of minerals is the perfect cleanser to make the skin look brighter and whiter. Olive oil, rich in antioxidants smoothes the skin, making the skin moist without clogging pores as well as moisturizing of chemicals. How to use? well... actually I dont know how to use this cleanser powder because I didn't get some information or guidence about this product and also the inside there's no user  guidence :(. hmm but don't worry I tried and this is instruction from me. Hopefully my instructions correctly. :)

  1. Wet your face and hands with warm water.  
  2. Dispense a quarter-sized portion of powder into the palm of your hand. Mix the powder with the water already on your hands to create a lather.  
  3. Apply the lather with your fingertips using a circular motion. Begin at your forehead, working your way down your face to your neck. Take care to avoid your eyes and mouth. 
  4. Rinse your face and neck thoroughly with warm water. Follow this with a cold rinse if desired.

Do not worry the scent is unobtrusive. I define similar aromateraphy and there is a slight smell of orange / lemon is very refreshing. The results after using the cleanser my skin feeling clean and fresh.
I think it's enought for that review hoping usefull and guidence you before using cleanser powder.

 For more information about Paramarta Spa  you can see in HERE

Thank you guys.. enjoyed your day :) 

Review Bourjois Blush 33 Lilas d'Or

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Let says.. Thank you Cosmekita  who gave me this product. Oh God that the all content goodie bag from Cosmekita is all abaout my first time to try. It is Bourjois so I need not mention about the packaging - it is absolutely the blush comes in an adorable cute little pot which has a cute little round mirror inside. It is so small that it would easily fit inside any clutch or purse. The colour of the packaging is the same as that of the blush. It also has a little brush. Both the mirror and the brush are of no use to me even though they look utterly cute.

The shade is just lovely, It is a peachy pink shade with having very fine gold shimmer particles. I think it is gorgeous. The pigmentation is not that great. I have to apply it several times to get the tint that I want. The texture is fine and does not require much effort to get nicely blended. It has an artificial floral scent which could be a turn off for some people. However it does not bother me much.Net 2,5 g.

The first swatch looks quite glittery but I promise its not as noticeable once blended.
The staying power is quite impressive. It stays put for more than 4-5 hours without any signs of fading.

  1. Cute and travel friendly packaging
  2. Easy to spot
  3. Gorgeous shade
  4. No chunky shimmers
  5. Fine texture
  6. Easy to blend
  7. Decent staying power
  1. Brush is too small and thin to be of any use so this is no use
  2. Pigmentation could have been better 
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However I would like to mention here that I always use a primer and a foundation with a very long staying power so it could just be the effect of using those two.
I hope my review useful to who are looking for a blush or want to try this brand. :)

Review Nature Republic Botanical Lipstick

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I wanted to do a short write up about Nature Republic for those of you who aren't familiar with korean brands, this was gifted to me by Cosmekita launch party. as the brand name suggest, they try to position themselves as a brand that incorporate natural ingredients into their products, somewhat similar to innisfree i guess? out of the limited information i can find, the botanical lipstick adds moisture to the lips, and comes in vivid colours that can add volume to the lips. it contains chamomile extract.

The packaging comes in a very lightweight plastic which is good for travelling as it doesn't weigh down your makeup bag.

 The color is a florescent pink, leaning towards the red spectrum. when swatched on my arm, it appears slightly peachy due to my yellow skin tone. however, it appears more pink on my lips.

The texture of the lipstick is very light weight and very moisturizing. the lipstick glides on easily, depositing a thin layer of the product on my lips. the product feels soft once it is warmed up to my temperature, giving it a rather balmy consistency. it has a slight sheen, probably from the oils that help to make this lipstick more hydrating. the colour is vivid as it claimed to be, and is buildable depending on your preferences. How to use? very simple just turn the lipstick slightly to push out the stick and apply it to the lipe. Net/3,5g.

it has a very special scent, almost like a candy scent in my opinion. the closest description i can think of is a bubble-gum scent. I know it sound weird, but i really love the scent of this lipstick and i catch myself taking the cap off just to take a whiff of the sweet scent. if i do not know that this is a lipstick, i swear i'd have put it into my mouth instead of my lips. because this lipstick is so moisturizing, so i can wear this as a lip balm. the colour is sweet, and rather typical of korean lipsticks as it is slightly florescent. it brightens up my face easily, but one thing to take note of is to prepare the skin around the lips before wearing a pastel shade like this as it can easily accentuate the yellowness in my skin.

  • Non-drying
  • Creamy
  • Slightly glossy finish
  • Pleasant scent
  • Lightweight packaging
  • Taste quite unpleasant 

I really like that this is a 'my lips but better' shade with a hint of rose. It has medium opacity without looking cakey and the glossy finish makes your lips look hydrated. Have you guys tried this?

Review Sleek Makeup Full Fat Lash Mascara

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I got this as goodie bag from event Cosmekita Launching Party.  Some of the content the goodie bag I have 4 item to review but the focus for now is the Sleek Full Fat Lash Mascara. I absolutely cannot turn down the opportunity to try it. What makes this mascara special? The wand of course! Full Fat Lash has tear-drop shaped tip and straight at the end. It's a dual purpose wand that allows you to apply your mascara the regular, straight edge way, while the bulbous tip gives you the freedom to reach out on to the corner lashes just by tipping the wand upward, that really impressed me. Some of them expensive, yes... and some quite affordable just like this Sleek Makeup Full Fat Lash mascara.

This is my first time to try to the concept of a tear-drop shaped mascaras. They lengthen and provide necessary volume to the lashes. Sleek Full Fat Lash mascara does the same, it a much user-friendly way thanks to its not-so-daunting wand. I've tried a and have loved the effect. How I use it? To achive extreme volume and lift, position the wand horizontally and work the product from base to tip. The domed tip can used vertically to separate, fan out & catch hard to reach lashes. Apply until desired voleme achived.
Result is evenly coated lashes, with the right amount of volume and length. But to be fair, I don't overdo the mascara application, so the result is pretty much impressive for me. And it does a great job at separating my lashes, fanning them out to give an illusion I have more lashes than I really do.The scent is pleasant, not too smelly. Net 10 ml.
The texture is how I like my mascara, creamy and patent-like. The color blackest black shade makes my lashes appear thick and long. A nice contrast for an intense makeup look, especially smokey makeup look.
I'm not sure though if it's water-proof but it did stay all day on my eyes without transfer. I was able to remove it easily with a water-based and oil-based makeup remover without so much as a hitched. That's a plus right there for sure. :)

I love using this as an all-around mascara, both day and night time. It's got a great hold, staying power and really thickens the volume of my lashes. Not an easy feat, given how thin they are. Full Fat Lash is also very easy to use to be able to reach out the far corners of my lashes. You can't say that with other mascaras.

Overall, definitely recommending this to all of you. Especially to those who wants to change their regular mascara to a more interesting one. :) Thank you Cosmekita, I've tried the good product :)

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