Friday, May 2, 2014

Review Sleek Makeup Full Fat Lash Mascara

Posted by Kania Safitri at 6:02 PM

I got this as goodie bag from event Cosmekita Launching Party.  Some of the content the goodie bag I have 4 item to review but the focus for now is the Sleek Full Fat Lash Mascara. I absolutely cannot turn down the opportunity to try it. What makes this mascara special? The wand of course! Full Fat Lash has tear-drop shaped tip and straight at the end. It's a dual purpose wand that allows you to apply your mascara the regular, straight edge way, while the bulbous tip gives you the freedom to reach out on to the corner lashes just by tipping the wand upward, that really impressed me. Some of them expensive, yes... and some quite affordable just like this Sleek Makeup Full Fat Lash mascara.

This is my first time to try to the concept of a tear-drop shaped mascaras. They lengthen and provide necessary volume to the lashes. Sleek Full Fat Lash mascara does the same, it a much user-friendly way thanks to its not-so-daunting wand. I've tried a and have loved the effect. How I use it? To achive extreme volume and lift, position the wand horizontally and work the product from base to tip. The domed tip can used vertically to separate, fan out & catch hard to reach lashes. Apply until desired voleme achived.
Result is evenly coated lashes, with the right amount of volume and length. But to be fair, I don't overdo the mascara application, so the result is pretty much impressive for me. And it does a great job at separating my lashes, fanning them out to give an illusion I have more lashes than I really do.The scent is pleasant, not too smelly. Net 10 ml.
The texture is how I like my mascara, creamy and patent-like. The color blackest black shade makes my lashes appear thick and long. A nice contrast for an intense makeup look, especially smokey makeup look.
I'm not sure though if it's water-proof but it did stay all day on my eyes without transfer. I was able to remove it easily with a water-based and oil-based makeup remover without so much as a hitched. That's a plus right there for sure. :)

I love using this as an all-around mascara, both day and night time. It's got a great hold, staying power and really thickens the volume of my lashes. Not an easy feat, given how thin they are. Full Fat Lash is also very easy to use to be able to reach out the far corners of my lashes. You can't say that with other mascaras.

Overall, definitely recommending this to all of you. Especially to those who wants to change their regular mascara to a more interesting one. :) Thank you Cosmekita, I've tried the good product :)


Esy Syamsiah said...

kayaknya ide yg bagus ya sikat kayak gini, secara bulu mataku pendek dan jarang :(

Kania Safitri said...

iya Esy Syamsiah bagus deh hasilnya dan gampang juga makainya :)

Turis Cantik said...

aihh racunn lagi neh padahal maskaran udah banyak, tapi yang ini kudu dicoba kayaknya heheh

Kania Safitri said...

Bentuk tungkai mascaranya unik dan ternyata emg berfungsi bgd buat ngejangkau sudut bulu mata yg sulit dijangkau :)

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