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Review (sponsored) : Etude House Play 101 Pencil #5

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 Hello Beauties..

How are you? Hope you are still keep healthy and beauty as always. Today I want to share my review is one of the most anticipated products from Etude House these days, the Play 101 Pencils! These pencils come in an extensive range of 50 shades (I want them all!), with multiple uses for each one, making them extremely versatile.
This is a gel-type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play. There are different textures including: matte, glittery, shimmery, creamy, and glossy. They can be used in all areas of the face as eye shadow, eye liner, blush, lip color, concealer, highlighter, contouring, and even on the eyebrows. Now Ijust have one is number #5 with glittery texture. 

Now let see the packaging this pencils are in grey color and the bottom part which comes with a built-in sharpener is the same color as the pencil shade. The pencils are labelled with just numbers, no names. And the name is printed only on one side of the pencil.
The hidden sharpeners! So useful, and so compact, I love it. :D
This is another glittery pencil, I do like the sheen it gives. The colour it self is beautiful and very pigmented, It also feels moisturizing. and very blendable. The only downside is that the colour is easily transferable, and fades quite quickly. 
This pencil is meant to be used as an eyeliner, or eyeshadow. Looks like it has some cream and silver glitters in it, but they are not as distracting as the gold in the pink pencil. I think it actually goes very well with the rest of the colour. Because this pencil is made for the eyes, it is more resistant to smudging, but it still smudges a bit on my eyelids after a couple of hours. Like the other pencils, it  applies smoothly without tugging, however, I do need to apply it a couple of times for an opaque colour. I love these kinds of neutral eyeliner.

-Smooth and creamy texture
-Applies evenly as eyeliner
-Partially smudge proof
 -Small glitters
- Pigmented

-Glitter fall outs when used as eyeshadow
-Patchy when used as eyeshadow
-Not waterproof
Overall, I love that aspect of it.  I do hope to try some more of these, especially the types I have not tried yet, such as matte and creamy.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review: Loreal Paris Hair Fall Resist 3X Shampoo & Conditioner

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Hello beauties...

Well as a blogger activity we have received the product for reviewing, I was happy to receive this product and thought that it might save me from the endless agony of hair fall.

The packaging of this range is similar to the other similar products of Loreal. Loreal uses different colors for demarcation like this is a Black and hot pink colored range. The bottles are sturdy and the flip cap fits tightly with no product leakage.

LOreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Shampoo
It is a white colored shampoo. This is like lotion. Fragrance is even similar to the older hair products. Its very pleasant and is almost similar (its may be signature fragrance of their shampoos) to other shampoos. I really love the smell which is also one of the reasons why I love to shampoo my hair. 
The product cleans the hair nicely. I usually prefer using any hair shampoo twice. Scalp gets cleansed efficiently. It stays oil free for about a day but on second day hair starts falling flat. When hair is freshly washed, product imparts a pretty shine and smoothness. My hair is very thin and usually falls flat from roots, this shampoo gives a nice bounce for at least a day when I use it without the conditioner.  I have used this shampoo for two weeks now, my scalp has no issues of dryness and/ or dandruff or dryness/oiliness because of the product. The fragrance stays for a long time. It has reduced my hair fall slightly but not to an extend that I can claim it is the best shampoo for hair fall.

 LOreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Conditioner
It is a pearl white colored. This is of a thick like body cream. Its fragrance is same as the shampoo. The product is very creamy and spreads very easily. It does not takes a lot of product for conditioning the hair because it is very thick and heavy.  Leave the product for couple of minutes and then wash. Hair gets conditioned well and initially is soft to touch and shiny. The fragrance stays for a long time.
So for 2 weeks I'ved used this shampoo and conditioner, it won't be honest of I say the product is really good and I have no hair fall at all. This shampoo actually helped me to maintain my hair so it would also grow new hair. I noticed that the certain parts that my head was going to get bold grew hair again , but it never really solved my hair fall problem completely. My hair still slightly falls especially when its wet.

What I'm Loving
Their packaging! Black and pink looks really awesome together. Just love how they look like organized at my bathroom. Hehe
Most importantly I'm so loving my hair right now. Its really really healthy and stronger, my hair feels much more lighter.

Anyways, my hair certainly ain't falling that bad anymore. It used to be, slightly a lot, but now there are major improvements just like 2 or 3 strand of hair loss when I comb my hair. Somehow when I got my scalp treated it also strenghthened the effect of the shampoo which was a really good thing.

Another thing I love the most is this shampoo's scent is just awesome. Even when I wear my headscarf after I shampooed my hair and got it dried up a few of the people close to tend to ask where the nice scent comes from, which obviously ain't my perfume cause I don't wear perfume.

Even when I go out of the bathroom my whole room smells like my shampoo.
So to me this Shampoo really did a good job maintaining my hair.

What I'm NOT Loving

Totally loving this 100%.
For more details and anything about L'Oreal Paris Indonesia, visit their web site on :
Facebook : L'Oreal
Twitter :  @LorealParisID
IG : @LorealParisID

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Monday, January 19, 2015

L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Star Lipsticks Review & Swatches

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Hello beauties...

Well Now I'd like to review and swatch L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Star Lipsticks. I was delighted to receive this Collection Star Lipsticks from L'oreal Paris Indonesia. Just by looking at the lipsticks when I opened the beauty box, I was truly in excited!!
L'oreal takes inspiration from some of the most beautiful celebrities in the world for their new Collection Star-let me swatch them for you! Oh, if you're looking for a set of nice nudes, you might as well look into this!
Collection Star is a limited collection of celebrity- inspired lipsticks-each region where this collection is released features specific L'Oreal celebrity endorsers and for the Asia, Each of the three shades were picked to be three beauty icons' perfect nudes: Jennifer Lopez's "Barely Greige", Sonam Kapoor's "Barely Plum", and Gong Li's "Barely Moka". By inspiring three beautiful nude shades for Fall. I find all of the colors beautiful - but are any of them actually a true nude on my lips?
The packaging this lipstick is house in a golden tube, The gold bullets are sleek and classy with a signature of every celebrity the lipstick represent, and has a shade indicator on the front. What I immediately noticed from this lipstick is the the shape of the tip.The formula these lipsticks are creamy. Seriously, these glides on very smoothly and does not feel heavy on the lips too. I do find the shades not too pigmented except for the barely moka. I recommend using a lip liner or a lip primer to get the lightest shades (Greige, Plum) to look solid. A base would also increase the staying power of these lipstick- otherwise, they just last about 2-3 hours on me. I need two to three swipes of these lipsticks to show up on my lips. On the swatches below, I did three to four swipes so they looked really pigmented. Despite the lack of pigmentation, I do find these lipsticks to be buildable. These give off a natural sheen when worn except for the shade Barely Greige.
I think shades very wearable for Indonesia skin tone and perfect for weddings. Yes, I admit some may appear too light or too unnatural but since these lipsticks are blendable and creamy, mixing them with other lipsticks is a great idea.


This is inspired by Gong Li. This is definitely the perfect nude. This is a true terracotta shade. This  is a gorgeous reddish chocolate shade that would be the perfect nude for dark skin tones. If your fair to mid-toned though, it would be a nice throwback to the 90s lip. It's chic and perfect for the upcoming fall season.
My favorite in this collection! It's a gorgeous neutral shade and the hint of orange in it doesn't give you that too serious vibe, and its slightly shiny finish doesn't make it look flat and boring-this is the Collection Star product that I've been wearing a lot lately!
This shade is inspired by none other than J.Lo. This is a pale beige shade and has a luminous finish. It's glossy and it's perfect for a smokey eye look. It can make you look pale if your eyes don't have any makeup at all. Must be worn with full face!
This is a frosty, semi-sheer beige lipstick with golden shimmer. Sounds like a bad idea on the get go, I know, but it surprisingly works for me! As long as I wear heavy eye makeup, that is. Barely Greige is the color that's the most nude on me out of the three. I particularly like the semi-sheer coverage of this product, thus it doesn't look chalky and make me look sick, which is the problem with some bold nude colors
This shade is inspired by Sonam Kapoor. If you're not familiar with Sonam Kapoor, she's an Indian global style icon. Going back to this color, it's a much wearable and yellow- skin. I like that it's nude, but still gives my lips a touch of color. This is a pale mauvey pink. This my second fave shade. It's a pale mauvey color that gently toes the line between gorgeous lips and zombie lips. I think I'd go for gorgeous, haha. It's warm and pigmented enough to work for my skin tone.

What I Like About L'Oreal Star Collection
  • It's silky texture that glides like a dream
  • Has a glossy finish but it lasts long!
  • Shade blends onto your natural lip color, merging it, creating a unique lip color for you
  • Color can be built up. From sheer to pigmented!
  • Elegant packaging
What I Don't Like About L'Oreal Star Collection
  • No pigmented
Price: about Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 150.000
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets

Overall, I love this collection from L'Oreal, with a good lip liner or a lipstick partner, these shades are fabulous! Collection Star, all in all, is a wearable, pretty collection that I think all women will love wearing. Do you have any favorites? Let me know! :)

For more details and anything about L'Oreal Paris Indonesia, visit their web site on :

Facebook : L'Oreal
Twitter :  @LorealParisID
IG : @LorealParisID

Okay that's one of the products that I get from L'Oreal Paris Beauty Box. Thanks for reading, see you on my next post and don't forget to follow my Blog, IG. FB and Twittter.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Unboxing The Best of L'Oreal Paris Product 2014 Edition

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Hello Beauties...  

This is not my first time to get this beauty box, as before I ever get L'Oreal Beauty Box.  This time L’Oréal Paris would like to celebrate the end of 2014 with Best of L’Oréal Paris Beauty Box. This Beauty Box #3 is the best products in 2014, contained skin care products (for men and women), hair product and the must-have makeup, so it contained 9 items in a box. 

  • Revitalift Laser Power Water

The first cosmetic water enriched with anti-aging Pro-Xylane to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and strengthen the epidermal layer, so that the skin moist for 48 hours, more supple and close the pores. Content of Adenosine serve to reduce wrinkles and make the face look young.
  • White Perfect Laser White Essence

The first product of the essence of black stain by attacking through three dimensions: size, number and color of the black stain. formulated with Actyl-C, which serves as lightening and prevention of the emergence of a black stain.
  •  The best formula to overcome hair loss
  1. L'Oreal paris Fall Resist 3x, Anti Hair Fall Shampoo
  2. L'Oreal paris Fall Resist 3x, Anti Hair FallConditioner

Hair loss is one of the most hair problems experienced by the people of Indonesia. Based Edelman survey in 2011 in 10 cities in Indonesia, as many as 70% of Indonesian women experiencing hair loss is a problem for their crown.
Hair loss can occur due to the usage of tools like curly hair styling iron, hair dryer and straightener, or because of stress and heredity. Hair loss and hair breakage can be prevented by L'Oreal Paris Resist Fall 3x. Arginine content of a new formula that has been developed further by L'Oreal Paris working to provide extra care: 1. take care of the hair root strength to prevent hair loss; 2. maintain the strength of the hair shaft to prevent hair breakage; 3. nourish the stem to the tip of the hair to make it more powerful and beautiful. Hair becomes 124% stronger. The use of a series of L'Oreal Paris Fall Resis 3x regularly can prevent hair loss in the long term.
  • Color Riche Collection Star Nude (3 items)

Lipstick is one of the makeup products are the mainstay of every woman, its use can instantly enhance the overall makeup. To improve the makeup to look beautiful naturally, L'Oreal Paris presents three new colors Color Riche Nude Collection Star .  

Third special limited edition lipstick is inspired by the beauty of Asian lady who is the ambassador of L'Oreal Paris, namely; Gong Li to color Barely Moka, Sonam Kapoor for Barely Plum color as well as a global brand ambassador Jennifer Lopez for Barely Greige color.
  • Best male grooming products: Men Expert Hydra Energetic  
  1. Men Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Cleansing Gel
  2.  Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturizing Fluid

As a holistic beauty brand, L'Oreal Paris also presents the best care range to accompany the activities of Indonesian men. One of the activities of men who regularly performed before men start daily activities is shaved. But many men who experience mild irritation while shaving caused by skin conditions that are not optimal when the shearing process is done. To overcome this, the skin should be well prepared, so mild irritation can be avoided.

The product range Men Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Cleansing and Moisturizing Fluid Hydra Energetic will be a practical solution for both men before and after shaving. Icy Cleansing Gel will cleanse, maintain moisture and make the process easier because shave become enriched with Cyro-Tonic will make the skin feel soft and comfortable. While moisturizing fluid that contains Taurine and Vitamin C will keep the moisture of the skin after shaving, making the face feels fresh and sunny all day. By providing the latest innovation from L'Oreal high berteknolohi Paris, the women and men in Indonesia may appear more confident.

Okay that's all the products that I get from L'Oreal Paris Beauty Box Thank You Loreal Paris! I will do a review all products soon!  Thanks for reading, see you on my next post and don't forget to follow my Blog, IG. FB and Twittter.

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