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Review: Loreal Paris Hair Fall Resist 3X Shampoo & Conditioner

Posted by Kania Safitri at 6:15 PM
Hello beauties...

Well as a blogger activity we have received the product for reviewing, I was happy to receive this product and thought that it might save me from the endless agony of hair fall.

The packaging of this range is similar to the other similar products of Loreal. Loreal uses different colors for demarcation like this is a Black and hot pink colored range. The bottles are sturdy and the flip cap fits tightly with no product leakage.

LOreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Shampoo
It is a white colored shampoo. This is like lotion. Fragrance is even similar to the older hair products. Its very pleasant and is almost similar (its may be signature fragrance of their shampoos) to other shampoos. I really love the smell which is also one of the reasons why I love to shampoo my hair. 
The product cleans the hair nicely. I usually prefer using any hair shampoo twice. Scalp gets cleansed efficiently. It stays oil free for about a day but on second day hair starts falling flat. When hair is freshly washed, product imparts a pretty shine and smoothness. My hair is very thin and usually falls flat from roots, this shampoo gives a nice bounce for at least a day when I use it without the conditioner.  I have used this shampoo for two weeks now, my scalp has no issues of dryness and/ or dandruff or dryness/oiliness because of the product. The fragrance stays for a long time. It has reduced my hair fall slightly but not to an extend that I can claim it is the best shampoo for hair fall.

 LOreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Conditioner
It is a pearl white colored. This is of a thick like body cream. Its fragrance is same as the shampoo. The product is very creamy and spreads very easily. It does not takes a lot of product for conditioning the hair because it is very thick and heavy.  Leave the product for couple of minutes and then wash. Hair gets conditioned well and initially is soft to touch and shiny. The fragrance stays for a long time.
So for 2 weeks I'ved used this shampoo and conditioner, it won't be honest of I say the product is really good and I have no hair fall at all. This shampoo actually helped me to maintain my hair so it would also grow new hair. I noticed that the certain parts that my head was going to get bold grew hair again , but it never really solved my hair fall problem completely. My hair still slightly falls especially when its wet.

What I'm Loving
Their packaging! Black and pink looks really awesome together. Just love how they look like organized at my bathroom. Hehe
Most importantly I'm so loving my hair right now. Its really really healthy and stronger, my hair feels much more lighter.

Anyways, my hair certainly ain't falling that bad anymore. It used to be, slightly a lot, but now there are major improvements just like 2 or 3 strand of hair loss when I comb my hair. Somehow when I got my scalp treated it also strenghthened the effect of the shampoo which was a really good thing.

Another thing I love the most is this shampoo's scent is just awesome. Even when I wear my headscarf after I shampooed my hair and got it dried up a few of the people close to tend to ask where the nice scent comes from, which obviously ain't my perfume cause I don't wear perfume.

Even when I go out of the bathroom my whole room smells like my shampoo.
So to me this Shampoo really did a good job maintaining my hair.

What I'm NOT Loving

Totally loving this 100%.
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Okay that's one of the products that I get from L'Oreal Paris Beauty Box. Thanks for reading, see you on my next post and don't forget to follow my Blog, IG. FB and Twitter.


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