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L'OREAL Paris Beauty Box #2 Edition & Mini Review

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Hello Beauties...
Last week  I got Loreal Paris Beauty Box October edition. We all know being an active and busy women tend to take our time from self pampering so Loreal Paris are presenting the items that are a must to look gorgeous for the busy bees out there!

 I love Red hair so much and Igot from this box is Saphire Black. Actually before I got this hair dye, I have tried this product with tje color P46 which is Intense Ruby Red.
Inside the box contains these few items.
 what included in the box:

1. Protective pre-color serum - which protect your hair before coloring
2. Protective creme colorant
3. Creme development
4. Comb applicator - which is for the no.3 bottle
5. Protective conditioner
6. Instruction sheet
7. Pair of Gloves
what nice is the way the instruction is written on the sheet, so basically anyone can read and use it with ease, and there illustrations to illustrate how it is done in a proper method.
This product completed with the TRIPLE-CARE solution that consist of the pre color serum, coloring creme pro keratin and protective conditioner. With all of these qualities you can have the most healthy and gorgeous looking hair. A more softer and stronger hair with a visible color, long lasting and shiny. 
You can do this at home by yourself because this product is practical and easy to use to save up time from going to the salon. 

When rinsing the dye off after 30 minutes of wait, I realized that my hair was incredibly soft and smooth! Totally not the kind of knotty texture that other dyes did to my hair. The formula is indeed moisturizing. I’ve heard others who used this hair dye that the color stays  vibrant for a really long time. Hopefully mine would as well.

The packaging of this L’oreal UV Perfect Instant White SPF50+ PA++++is simply perfect and I have no complaints about it. The texture of the sunscreen lotion is a light non-greasy and it comes in a pale pink color with a bit of shimmer and sheen. The color of the sunscreen lotion suits every type and shade of skins. It doesn’t look too white on my face; it blends into my skin and gives a feeling like I have a light base on my face.

The texture of the sunscreen lotion is non-greasy and I can easily apply it on my face after my cleansing routine. The product claimed about the instant white glow and it does that, it did not make my skin dull at all. From all points of view, L’oreal has done a great job for a sunscreen lotion. I found it does work well, protecting against the sunlight effectively and the price is still affordable. I would recommend it for the girls who are looking a reasonable sunscreen lotion. In my opinion, this is a basic and fine one.This product is a new innovative product to protect our skin from UVB and UVA. This also contains 3 main ingredients for brightening such as: Mexoryl filters, vitamin cg and rosy pearlescent texture. All of the ingredients will slow down that melanin production and brighten the skin since the first usage. 

What can I say about BB Cream? . This BB cream from Loreal Paris contains Adenosin and vit CG that evens out the skin tone, hides away the spots and resulting the skin to look flawless. This bb cream also contains spf 35/pa +++ that fights off the uv rays and of course, moisturize the skin up to 8 hours. It comes in the shade of #ivory #gold 

I like the simple packing. What’s amazing is that it is moisturizing but not so much that my oily face cannot bear. I set it with a powder or a compact and my face stays oil-free for 3-4 hours. It provides a more flawless and natural coverage. It doesn’t feel like I have applied anything on my face as it’s so light. I am so in love with this True Match Range. All the products give me flawless, natural and oil-free coverage. I don’t need to apply concealer on my blemishes as they are light. But if you have dark blemishes, you might need a concealer.

I have been dealing with hair loss for a pretty long time. Sometimes i think it is because of stress *although I told myself there is nothing to worry about* but I don't know. Hair loss are caused by variety of reasons, one of them is stress, another are polution, uv rays and sometimes styling your hair with heating tools. Sometime genetics are also on of the factors, sometimes i think is that caused the hair loss:)
This new innovative product contains aminexil, amino acid, arginine and protein to prevent hair loss and strengthen the roots. It also prevent balding and regulate the cycle of hair growth. To have a good and healthy hair, do use this regularly. 
Oh.. well it's wrap, Hope you all enjoyed reading! see you on my next post thank you! :)

L'OREAL Paris Beauty Box #1 Edition & Mini Review

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Helo... Beauties... How's your day? Hope you're still keep healthy and beauty... :))

Well now I want to tell about Loreal Paris Beauty Box. I received so many beauty products lately and today I'm going to share one of it. It's L'Oreal Paris Beauty Box. Actually I received 2 boxes, the September and the October edition. Here is the box, simple elegant black box with gold accent.

I got a facial foam for men! It's L'Oreal Men Expert Total Skin Renewer. Hehe.. I won't use it, but I will ask my husband to give it a try if he doesn't mind. =D Packaging: great, practical packaging, simple flip-top cap tube. Scent: very heavily scented, it smelled like men's aftershave. The texture is smooth. This red cleanser that foams into white on your skin combines volcanic mineral & anti bacterial active to: brighten skin by rubing out dead cells, Matify skinby removing excess sebum & sweat. REduce acne and preventbreakouts. Deeply purge & tighten pores to reduce their visibility. You can use it  apply on wet face and gently massage. Rinse off until the water runs clear. Avoid eye areas. Suitable for daily usage.

L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Emergency Care this is new formula in breakthroygh gel for deep repairing action, This is helps reinforce damaged hair sturcture and strengthen hair fiber. I felt my hair became stronger, nourished, shinier, smoother and less split ends.

L'oreal Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo Gave my hair a great feel initially. However recently, I have noticed increased hair-loss and hair thinning at an alarming rate. Also there is a most a certain increase in dandruff. After just one use, I immediately noticed how silky soft my hair became, after it dried, which is rare for my curly hair. It had that got back from the parlour feel. I felt as if I had my hair treated with an expensive hair treatment to get that feel. The shine was pretty impressive. It was much easier to style them, as well. Overall, my hair looked a lot healthier. And I was loving it.

L'oreal Total Repair 5 Repairing Conditioner. Actually, as a person who loves to change the hair colors, of course I ever tried these products. My damaged hair becomes smooth and easy to comb if I use this conditioner.The conditioner is pure white in colour, but is not as thick as some of the other conditioners I have tired. It softens the hair after use.
People in need of shampoo and conditioner which actually solve hair problems could give this one a try. Although it might not really do all the things it claims in the ad, but will even not disappoint you. I am satisfied using it. Thus, I will recommend it to one and all.

L'Oreal Paris Magique all-in-one compact powder. I love the packaging of course. Because it pink. Nah, that not the point. The shade suits me well and this powder can be use alone and it gives you just the perfect amount of coverage. Shade selection are also pretty nice and price wise are also affordable. Case are very compact and travel friendly. It is a bit heavy if you apply too much or you use it with a heavy coverage liquid foundation before it. As to my preference, I find this works nicer to be wear alone. It gives you a matte finish and to my experience it last me about 3-4 hours. Pretty good. It coves my redness nicely too but now my dark spots. I also love how it has sun protection in it (SPF34PA+++).

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift. First of all, I haven’t used this cream myself because I think I haven’t aged enough to use an anti-wrinkle cream yet. I gave this cream to my mom to test who is in her 50s. She has been using it religiously every night for over a month now. Why night? Why not day? Because she felt it tad heavy that was making her skin go oily while doing the kitchen chores. So, I suggested her to use it at night.

In my mom words, when she first used it, she really appreciated its subtle fragrance. The consistency is just like any other cream, applies evenly but feels bit heavy on the skin. It leaves no visible white film but because it moisturizes, it leaves a shiny layer. She says her skin feels soft, hydrated and appears fresh all day. My mom has no visible wrinkles but just little fine lines around her eyes which don’t seem to have diminished so far. I am surprised, this cream doesn’t contain SPF. I mean, how is it supposed to protect the skin from UV rays that causes wrinkles?

Bottom line: This cream makes skin look hydrated, smooth, youthful and glowy but has no significant effect on wrinkles or lines in one month. It may minimize them with continuous use – say 4-5 months.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts about it?

Okay that's all the products that I get from L'Oreal Paris Beauty Box. Thanks for reading, see you on my next post and don't forget to follow my Blog, IG. FB and Tweeter.

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Event Report Talkshow Skin Secrets for The Best Confidence With Cosmopolitan & Bio-Oil

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Hello Beauties...
How's your day? hope you are still keep healthy and beauty! :D
Now I'm going to share about  event Talkshow Skin Secrets for The Best Confidence With Cosmopolitan & Bio-Oil. Thank you Miss. Melisa who has invited me she is a PR from Bio-Oil. This event was happened October, 17- 2014 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jakarta. The event was starts from 19.00 PM until 21.30 PM, with the dress code: White.
I came on earlier and the venue was already crowded only by the committe who was still had briefing. There are so many tasty food and so many people like as blogger and the readers from Cosmopolitan. The event went amazing! Love the speakers for the event!
Mrs. Sisca Becker
The event start with MC  opened  and then Ms. Sisca Becker introduced all the speakers for this event. Start from Dr. Lilik Norawati, SpKK as dermatologi expert explained more about Bio Oil. Bio Oil formulated by Dieter Beier in 1987, with all of new ingredients it grew event better, that made Bio Oil received 191 International awards. it launched on 2002 in international market. but for Indonesia just launched and exclusively available on Guardian with the price Rp. 120.000,- She explained about Bio Oil  can be handled scars and strech marks. Bio Oil can be use for strech marks, scars, aging uneven skin tone and also dehydrated skin. You may need to apply Bio Oil at least twice a day for 3 months it depends on your skin too, because it has a different result. She also explained what kind of scars and strech mark that can Bio-Oil help to reduce the appearance off. How Bio Oil works and etc.
Dr. Lilik Norawati, SpKK
Mrs. Fira Basuki
The next Mrs. Fira Basuki as Editor in Chief & writer in Cosmopolitan Magazines shared  her experienced by using Bio Oil. She was Love to used Bio Oil for scars, it can help reducing the appearance of scars. She suffered a serious car accident that makes some scars on her skin, especially on her face. She has been using Bio-Oil regularly to remove the scars. The result of all the scars go away without surgery even at her age she looks younger than her age and almost no wrinkles on around her face.
Mrs. Nurhayati
The next Mrs. Nurhayati as a Product Manager from Bio Oil explained the benefits and how to use Bio Oil. Bio Oil contained so many natural ingredients, to make skin better, such as VitaminA, Vitamin E, Lavender oil and Calendula Oil, Chamomile oil, rosemary oil and Purcellin oil. That's all the ingredients help to make our skin better. After the talkshow, it was time for question and answer session.

The winner who got the best question
Mrs. Ayu Diah Pasha
After that Mrs. Ayu Diah Pasha as coach this event gave me a small paper to write what kind of dreams until now you want it and what the weakness to get the dreams? and then she explained abaut self confidence. People who have tremendous potential but lacks the confidence to be inferior to those who have a high confidence. Self confidence needed The Power of Faith, work force & Strength of Achievement. Confidence effect on competencies, agility and behavior. Have interpersonal skills. Interpersonal Skills are skills that you must use to understand, communicate and control yourself.The skills you use to interact with others effectively, to observe, communicate and collaborate.
Having Interpersonal Skills
Always Smiling
Cheerful and energetic
Understand the social etiquette
Effective Communication

Healthy And Fit  "Men Sano Korpore Sane" In a healthy body there is a strong soul. Healthy Skin = Gorgeous. “No Matter What A Woman Looks Like, If She's Confident, She's Sexy”
She also tells the story of Ryan Tumiwa life. Ryan is a graduated of the University of Indonesia S2 with honors. Ryan until the age of 54 years do not get work so she felt desperate and submitted to the government for permission to commit suicide. This example proves that a person who has good skills but do not have the confidence to be lost in a job competition.

Both Bio-Oil

Thank you Cosmopolitan & Bio Oil for the awesome & usefull event.
Thanks for reading, see you on my next post and feel free to comment. :)

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Event report & My First Love Experience with Pond's Flawless White Dewy Rose

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Hello Beauties... 

Beberapa minggu lalu aku menghadiri event Beauty Blogger Gatherings yang diadakan oleh Ponds yang merupakan salah satu produk dari PT. Uniliver Indonesia, Tbk. Acara ini diselenggarakan pada hari Jumat, 26 September 2014, pukul 18.00-20.00 WIB  di Hotel Hermitage, Jakarta. Acara kali ini memiliki Tema "Falling in Love at the First Touch With PONDS Flawless White" dress code Pink Dewy Rose. Pstt.. aku juga ada videonya loh terus baca sampai selesai yah :)
Acara ini bukan sekedar blogger gathering namun juga adanya peluncuran produk inovasi terbaru dari POND'S yaitu POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel.
Suasana romantis full dekorasi pink & rose
Acara dimulai dengan registrasi kemudian makan malam bersama dengan menu makanan dan minuman yang sudah pasti nikmat. Pada setiap event blogger gathering salah satu hal yang paling seru adalah kita dipertemukan dalam satu event. :)
MC Cherisa Lidia
Acara dimulai dengan MC Mba Cherisa Lidia yang sangat komunikatif pada audience. MC mengajak untuk bermain games berkelompok sesuai tempat duduknya masing-masing. Acara gamesnya seru banget kita diminta untuk membuat foto atau video yang berkaitan dengan "Jatuh Cinta, Sentuhan, Lembut, dan Bunga Mawar".  
Team "Merona" terdiri dari Ana, Aulisha, Shanaz , Saya & Gabby
Serunya games & kehebohan kelompok di acara POND'S
Semua antusias dengan masing-masing ide kreatif dan berusaha mewujudkan semua dalam satu folder gadget yang diberikan masing-masing 1 untuk perkelompok. Walaupun grup saya tidak menang namun kami tetap menikmati gamesnya dengan seru, kapan lagi bisa kumpul sambil seru-seruan main games. 
Blindfold #LoveAtFirstTouch
Selanjutnya kami semua diminta menutup mata secara bersama-sama. Yes this is the first blindfold test ever! Kemudian kami diberikan suatu produk untuk merasakan tekstur dan wanginya dari produk tersebut tanpa kami ketahui produk tersebut. Menurut saya rasanya seperti jatuh cinta pada sentuhan pertama
Mba Cherisa menanyakan kesan pertama saat menyentuh inovasi terbaru dari POND'S
Teksturnya halus, tidak lengket dan ada sensasi lembut saat pertama kali merasakan sentuhan produknya. Yang paling aku suka adalah wanginya, wanginya soft seperti wangi bunga rose yang segar. Percaya atau enggak, produk ini bisa membangkitkan perasaan bahagia sejak sentuhan pertamanya. Yeay... seneng banget dapat merasakan pertama kalinya produk inovasi terbaru dari POND'S yaitu POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel.
Anggiaswari Odang, Sr. selaku Brand Manager POND'S
Acara berikutnya sambutan dan penjelasan singkat dari Anggiaswari Odang, Sr. selaku Brand Manager POND'S menjelaskan inovasi terbaru dari PONDS Flawless White Dewy Rose dari mulai formula teksturnya, kandungan serta manfaatnya. POND'S melihat bahwa sebagian besar dari seluruh  pelembab wajah yang ada di pasar Indonesisa terdiri dari format krim yang memberikan pengalaman yang sama kepada kulit. Padahal pengalaman sentuhan atau sensorial experience yang menyenangkan dapat membuat perempuan merasa bahagia saat merawat kulit mereka. 
Sentuhan pertama lansung jatuh cinta
Selamat kepada Team "Flawless" yang menang pada games pertama
Event kali ini banyak banyak hadiahnya loh, selain games yang sebelumnya aku ceritain ada juga live tweet competition dan best dress. Games kelompok dimenangkan oleh grup "Flawless" sedangkan Live tweet dimenangkan oleh Chichi Utami dan untuk Best dress dimenangkan oleh Gabby teman satu meja aku. 
Selamat kepada Gabby pemenang best dress dan Chichi Utami  pemenang live twit
Selamat kepada para pemenang namun untuk yang belum menang kita juga mendapatkan godie bag berupa Box pink cantik yang isinya berupa produk inovasi terbaru PONDS Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel , POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Whitening Soft Cream SPF 30 dan pouch serta mendapatkan Tas branded dari Kate Spade! Yippi...
Finnally dapet Kate Spade juga:))
 I'm so happy to try this products
Foto bersama
Video Event Beauty Blogger Gatherings POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose :

Kamu bisa buka Video ini dari Youtube dengan klik DISINI :)
Ok, sekarang aku mau cerita sensasi pengalaman pertama saat mencoba dan merasakan POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel , gel pencerah wajah ini langsung pada kulitku. 
POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel
Kemasan yang praktis dibawa saat bepergian
POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel dikemas dengan dua ukuran untuk yang pertama yaitu 10g dalam bentuk wadah plastik bulat bewarna putih dengan tutup pink. Kemasan ini praktis untuk dimasukkan ke dalam tas. Ukuran kedua yaitu 50g dikemas wadah kaca dove dan tutup pink glossy. Keduanya dilengkapi dengan lid untuk menjaga isi agar tidak mudah tumpah atau berantakan.
Produk Gel Pencerah Wajah ini memiliki tekstur yang lembut, halus serta tidak lengket. Formula dan tekstur gel unik ini bewarna soft pink terasa ringan dan lembut. Mengapa aku bilang ringan? karena setelah di aplikasikan, pelembab yang ini seakan langsung meresap ke kulit muka, juga tidak menutup pori-pori muka, jadi kulit muka tetap bisa bernafas. 
Pengaplikasian pada kulit muka aku
POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel memiliki keharuman yang lembut dan segar seperti wangi bunga rose yang memberikan sensasi rileks dan menyenangkan.

Merasakan sensasi POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel
Ingredients :
POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel mengandung formula unik yaitu kombinasi Rose Lumiere serum (gliserin dan bunga mawar untuk melembabkan) dan GenActiv (kombinasi Vitamin B3, Vitamin E Allantoin dan Optic), yang teruji secara klinis dan terbukti bermanfaat menyamarkan noda hitam mulai dalam 7 hari* dan menghaluskan kulit wajah sehingga membuat wajah tampak halus dan cerah bersinar diluar. GenActiv juga membantu menetralkan radikal bebas yang dihasilkan dari lingkungan seperti ozon dan polusi udara yang dapat mengakibatkan penggelapan pada kulit. Bahan-bahan yang terkandung didalamnya dapat mengatasi sumber yang dapat mengakibatkan penggelapan kulit, bekerja dari dalam keluar menjadikan warna kulit lebih cerah dan menyamarkan bintik hitam.
POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Cream
Selain POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel, aku juga merasakan jatuh cinta pada sentuhan pertama pada kulit  #LoveAtFirstTouch yaitu POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Whitening Soft Cream SPF 30 PA+++  teksturnya juga tidak lengket  serta mudah meresap kulit. yang memberikan perlindungan lebih dan cocok untuk pemakaian di siang hari terutama apabila memiliki banyak aktivitas dibawah sinar matahari. 
Dari hasil penelusuran setelah launching POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel dan POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Whitening Soft Cream SPF 30 PA+++  di beberapa tempat harganya berbeda-beda dan relatif terjangkau. Harga berbeda-beda disetiap toko tergantung harga promo dan dimana tempat membeli.
  • ukuran kecil 10g harga berkisar antara Rp. 21.500,- Rp.29.500,- 
  • ukuran besar 50g harga berkisar antara Rp. 68.500,- Rp. 102.500,-
POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose ini sangat mudah didapatkan di toko-toko kosmetik, drug stores dan supermarket terdekat serta online shop kosmetik :)) 

Hasil pemakaian:
Setelah memakai produk ini hasilnya saya suka sekali sensasi menyenangkan  POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel sejak sentuhan pertama, kulit terlihat natural, walau kelihatan natural, tapi tetap menyamarkan noda hitam dan muka terlihat cerah juga. Kulit jadi lebih lembab selama 24 jam karena terasa lebih lembut dan halus. Selain itu teksturnya yang gel ini, cukup memudahkan kita untuk menggunakannya walau sedang di dalam perjalanan. Serta wanginya yang segar dan rileks dapat membuat saya merasa bahagia untuk merawat kulit. It's really from deep of my heart!
Hasil pemakaian setelah lebih dari 2 minggu
Setelah pemakain selama lebih dari 2 minggu lebih aku juga merasakan kulit semakin cerah dan sehat. Percaya atau tidak kamu akan merasakan jatuh cinta pada sentuhan pertama pada kulit kamu #LoveAtFirstTouch. Aku mengaplikasikannya keseluruh permukaan kulit wajah dan leher secara merata dan tipis setelah wajah dibersihkan. Hebatnya lagi POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel cocok untuk semua jenis kulit, sehingga POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel ini merupakan pilihan tepat untuk kulit kering dan berminyak.
Jatuh cinta pada sentuhan pertama #LoveAtFirstTouch
Kelebihan POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel:
+ Pakacging yang cantik tersedia kemasan praktis
+ Teksturnya ringan, halus, lembut & tidak lengket 
+ Cepat meresap 
+ Wanginya membuat sensasi segar, rileks dan menyenangkan
+ Membuat kulit jadi lebih lembab, halus dan lebih kenyal
+ Setelah pemakaian 2 minggu lebih kulit lebih sehat dan mencerahkan
+ Cocok untuk semua jenis kulit
+ Tidak menimbulkan jerawat / breakouts
+ Mudah didapatkan di toko kosmetik atau drugstore terdekat
+ Harga yang relatif terjangkau 
- Tidak memiliki kandungan SPF

Kelebihan POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Cream sama seperti POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel namun formula cream ini memberikan perlindungan lebih dan cocok untuk pemakaian di siang hari karena mengandung SPF 30+++. Untuk kekurangannya sampai saat ini aku belum menemukannya :)) 

I'm in love with POND'S!
Terima kasih POND'S dan Mba Nila yang  telah mengundang aku dan mempertemukan para Beauty Bloggers dalam satu event yang seru. Apakah kalian juga sudah mencobanya? temukan manfaat PONDS Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel dalam waktu 7 hari serta sharing pengalaman kalian juga yuk! Jika kalian ingin bertanya atau memberikan komentar dengan senang hati aku menerima dan menjawabnya. Ok, terima kasih sudah mampir di blog aku untuk membacanya, see you on my next post and don't forget to stay healthy and beauty...
Persembahan cantik dari POND'S Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel
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