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Event Report Beauty Blogger Meet UP

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Hello Beauties..
Now I'd like to tell you abaout I attended the first Beauty Blogger Meetup was held on September, 27 2014 Starts 10.30 AM until 02.00 PM at The Nanny's Pavilion Central Park, Jakarta. I felt so lucky because I got the seat of this event Beauty Blogger Meet Up. I am glad to meet with so many beauty bloggers. The event went amazing!
This event started with some brief opening from Tia and Ce Carnellin.
The first brand to started the event was V10 Plus and Mr. Eddy representative from V10 Plus Indonesia came to introduced us the V10 Plus.We, got three Water Based Peelings from V10 Plus. This is well known for their natural ingredients. It was made from rice extract and seaweed and I ever made review about this in HERE!
There were makeup demo by Endi Feng.The makeup demo theme was 10 Minutes to Fabulous and Hani as a volunteered herself as a model that time. Endi also gave us a trick in applying eyeliner with eyeliner pencil. The trick are used the side of the pencil and draw the eyeliner in one stroke to get a smooth finish.

These are what MakeOver gave us on Beauty Blogger Meet Up Event. I got the Liquid Lip Color in Red Temptation, Eye Liner Pencil on Brown Latte and also a Voucher Rp. 50.000,-

Next one was from ZAP, permanent hair removal treatment.
The representative of ZAP Indonesia explained about the process of hair removal, ZAP using safe process to remove and prevent the hair to grow again by using lighting method. To get the permanent result, it requires about eight times treatment. ZAP Indonesia gave us under arm lightening cream and they also gave us many vouchers Zalora Rp. 150.000,- including free one time under arms treatment.
The next for Sally Hansen time.
Mrs. Amy representative from Sally Hansen introduced us to their latest collection called 'I Love Nail Art'. This nail art kit was made to help us to create our own nail art without visiting nail salon. Sally Hansen Indonesia kindly gave us their famous Airbrush Legs and Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil to try.
Before we continued to the next sessions, for a while we had lunch made by order from the Nanny's Pavilion. I ordered Ice lemon tea with Auntie's Sausage Baked Rice.

This time was eyeliner tips and trick demo by Carryna with SilkyGirl. SilkyGirl gave us Double Intense Gel Eyeliner in Pure Black, Moisture Balm Lipcolor I got it in Cherry and Natural Brow Pencil in Dark Brown.

The model for the eyeliner demo was Fweegy
Carryn gave us tips and trick in applying eyeliner based on different eye shapes. For example, if you have wide eye, try to apply the eyeliner only on your lower lash line. As if you have slender eye shape, you can extend your eyeliner to give big eye effect.
The next Ayou Beauty, they only gave us literally like, a lot of makeup tools from Armando Caruso because they not attended they representative but they still gave us IG and Live tweet competition. Cool!
The next As part of Kawaii Beauty Japan, Tia and representatives from Kawaii Beauty Japan explained us about Kawaii Beauty Japan and how to be a blogger on Kawaii Beauty Japan.
 This is what I got from KBJ because I asked question about KBJ Bloggers. They gave me some of cosmetics product from Cw Style like Body foam, 3 of bars soap and facial foam.

After that, it's time for sharing with the senior beauty blogger, Ce Carnellin and Ce Meilani. They gave us an insight perspective as a blogger that have to deal with many kinds of company. Also, they gave us important tips and trick on blogging.
Last but not least, The Soap Corner by Moporie gave us a bunch of hand made soaps. Not only body soap, but also brush soap and lip scrub. Yeay... really happy to get some of new products I've never used before. :))

 These are what I got from the event~
This was the first time I brought home such many products from one beauty event. yuhu...

Well I want this event to be continued with so many beauty bloggers and no limit participation beauty bloggers. I hope for the next event will be more better such as the speaker must used microphone, the venue will be supported more comfortable, there should take a picture must be arranged so we can get the best photo if there are all participation and committee. I think IG and Live tweet competition will be better before the event started. and the last more sponsor for the next event :)). OK, Thank you Ce Carnelin, Ce Mei and Tia for organizing this event and for giving me a chance to join the event.

Also thank you for all brands that made the event such a surprising one.
MakeOver Indonesia
ZAP Indonesia
Sally Hansen Indonesia
SilkyGirl Indonesia
Ayou Beauty
 Kawaii Beauty Japan
Beauty Goods ID


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