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L'OREAL Paris Beauty Box #2 Edition & Mini Review

Posted by Kania Safitri at 5:49 PM
Hello Beauties...
Last week  I got Loreal Paris Beauty Box October edition. We all know being an active and busy women tend to take our time from self pampering so Loreal Paris are presenting the items that are a must to look gorgeous for the busy bees out there!

 I love Red hair so much and Igot from this box is Saphire Black. Actually before I got this hair dye, I have tried this product with tje color P46 which is Intense Ruby Red.
Inside the box contains these few items.
 what included in the box:

1. Protective pre-color serum - which protect your hair before coloring
2. Protective creme colorant
3. Creme development
4. Comb applicator - which is for the no.3 bottle
5. Protective conditioner
6. Instruction sheet
7. Pair of Gloves
what nice is the way the instruction is written on the sheet, so basically anyone can read and use it with ease, and there illustrations to illustrate how it is done in a proper method.
This product completed with the TRIPLE-CARE solution that consist of the pre color serum, coloring creme pro keratin and protective conditioner. With all of these qualities you can have the most healthy and gorgeous looking hair. A more softer and stronger hair with a visible color, long lasting and shiny. 
You can do this at home by yourself because this product is practical and easy to use to save up time from going to the salon. 

When rinsing the dye off after 30 minutes of wait, I realized that my hair was incredibly soft and smooth! Totally not the kind of knotty texture that other dyes did to my hair. The formula is indeed moisturizing. I’ve heard others who used this hair dye that the color stays  vibrant for a really long time. Hopefully mine would as well.

The packaging of this L’oreal UV Perfect Instant White SPF50+ PA++++is simply perfect and I have no complaints about it. The texture of the sunscreen lotion is a light non-greasy and it comes in a pale pink color with a bit of shimmer and sheen. The color of the sunscreen lotion suits every type and shade of skins. It doesn’t look too white on my face; it blends into my skin and gives a feeling like I have a light base on my face.

The texture of the sunscreen lotion is non-greasy and I can easily apply it on my face after my cleansing routine. The product claimed about the instant white glow and it does that, it did not make my skin dull at all. From all points of view, L’oreal has done a great job for a sunscreen lotion. I found it does work well, protecting against the sunlight effectively and the price is still affordable. I would recommend it for the girls who are looking a reasonable sunscreen lotion. In my opinion, this is a basic and fine one.This product is a new innovative product to protect our skin from UVB and UVA. This also contains 3 main ingredients for brightening such as: Mexoryl filters, vitamin cg and rosy pearlescent texture. All of the ingredients will slow down that melanin production and brighten the skin since the first usage. 

What can I say about BB Cream? . This BB cream from Loreal Paris contains Adenosin and vit CG that evens out the skin tone, hides away the spots and resulting the skin to look flawless. This bb cream also contains spf 35/pa +++ that fights off the uv rays and of course, moisturize the skin up to 8 hours. It comes in the shade of #ivory #gold 

I like the simple packing. What’s amazing is that it is moisturizing but not so much that my oily face cannot bear. I set it with a powder or a compact and my face stays oil-free for 3-4 hours. It provides a more flawless and natural coverage. It doesn’t feel like I have applied anything on my face as it’s so light. I am so in love with this True Match Range. All the products give me flawless, natural and oil-free coverage. I don’t need to apply concealer on my blemishes as they are light. But if you have dark blemishes, you might need a concealer.

I have been dealing with hair loss for a pretty long time. Sometimes i think it is because of stress *although I told myself there is nothing to worry about* but I don't know. Hair loss are caused by variety of reasons, one of them is stress, another are polution, uv rays and sometimes styling your hair with heating tools. Sometime genetics are also on of the factors, sometimes i think is that caused the hair loss:)
This new innovative product contains aminexil, amino acid, arginine and protein to prevent hair loss and strengthen the roots. It also prevent balding and regulate the cycle of hair growth. To have a good and healthy hair, do use this regularly. 
Oh.. well it's wrap, Hope you all enjoyed reading! see you on my next post thank you! :)


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