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Event Report Talkshow Skin Secrets for The Best Confidence With Cosmopolitan & Bio-Oil

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Now I'm going to share about  event Talkshow Skin Secrets for The Best Confidence With Cosmopolitan & Bio-Oil. Thank you Miss. Melisa who has invited me she is a PR from Bio-Oil. This event was happened October, 17- 2014 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jakarta. The event was starts from 19.00 PM until 21.30 PM, with the dress code: White.
I came on earlier and the venue was already crowded only by the committe who was still had briefing. There are so many tasty food and so many people like as blogger and the readers from Cosmopolitan. The event went amazing! Love the speakers for the event!
Mrs. Sisca Becker
The event start with MC  opened  and then Ms. Sisca Becker introduced all the speakers for this event. Start from Dr. Lilik Norawati, SpKK as dermatologi expert explained more about Bio Oil. Bio Oil formulated by Dieter Beier in 1987, with all of new ingredients it grew event better, that made Bio Oil received 191 International awards. it launched on 2002 in international market. but for Indonesia just launched and exclusively available on Guardian with the price Rp. 120.000,- She explained about Bio Oil  can be handled scars and strech marks. Bio Oil can be use for strech marks, scars, aging uneven skin tone and also dehydrated skin. You may need to apply Bio Oil at least twice a day for 3 months it depends on your skin too, because it has a different result. She also explained what kind of scars and strech mark that can Bio-Oil help to reduce the appearance off. How Bio Oil works and etc.
Dr. Lilik Norawati, SpKK
Mrs. Fira Basuki
The next Mrs. Fira Basuki as Editor in Chief & writer in Cosmopolitan Magazines shared  her experienced by using Bio Oil. She was Love to used Bio Oil for scars, it can help reducing the appearance of scars. She suffered a serious car accident that makes some scars on her skin, especially on her face. She has been using Bio-Oil regularly to remove the scars. The result of all the scars go away without surgery even at her age she looks younger than her age and almost no wrinkles on around her face.
Mrs. Nurhayati
The next Mrs. Nurhayati as a Product Manager from Bio Oil explained the benefits and how to use Bio Oil. Bio Oil contained so many natural ingredients, to make skin better, such as VitaminA, Vitamin E, Lavender oil and Calendula Oil, Chamomile oil, rosemary oil and Purcellin oil. That's all the ingredients help to make our skin better. After the talkshow, it was time for question and answer session.

The winner who got the best question
Mrs. Ayu Diah Pasha
After that Mrs. Ayu Diah Pasha as coach this event gave me a small paper to write what kind of dreams until now you want it and what the weakness to get the dreams? and then she explained abaut self confidence. People who have tremendous potential but lacks the confidence to be inferior to those who have a high confidence. Self confidence needed The Power of Faith, work force & Strength of Achievement. Confidence effect on competencies, agility and behavior. Have interpersonal skills. Interpersonal Skills are skills that you must use to understand, communicate and control yourself.The skills you use to interact with others effectively, to observe, communicate and collaborate.
Having Interpersonal Skills
Always Smiling
Cheerful and energetic
Understand the social etiquette
Effective Communication

Healthy And Fit  "Men Sano Korpore Sane" In a healthy body there is a strong soul. Healthy Skin = Gorgeous. “No Matter What A Woman Looks Like, If She's Confident, She's Sexy”
She also tells the story of Ryan Tumiwa life. Ryan is a graduated of the University of Indonesia S2 with honors. Ryan until the age of 54 years do not get work so she felt desperate and submitted to the government for permission to commit suicide. This example proves that a person who has good skills but do not have the confidence to be lost in a job competition.

Both Bio-Oil

Thank you Cosmopolitan & Bio Oil for the awesome & usefull event.
Thanks for reading, see you on my next post and feel free to comment. :)


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