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Review (sponsor) V10 Plus Water Based Peeling

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Hello Beauties...

Yup long time I haven't time for write my new blog post (as you know my baby Safa is more active huhuhu). Well kali ini langsung aja yah because so many product I should to review on my blog and actually I want to try make up tutorial too :) so don't miss it yah ladies...

I know so many beauty bloggers has review V10 Plus Water Based Peeling but this is my time to share my experience.  This gentle peeling contains rice bran extract & seaweed extract. Without any harsh scrubbing, it effectively removes dead skin cells and reveals a cleaner & clearer skin instantly.

V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Gel came with 10 sample sachets with a big file. From the front of the file you can see the sachet and their award. V10 Plus product had achieve reward in Asia and Europe on 2011,2012, and 2013
There are V10 Plus Award :
1. V10 Plus Hyaluronic Acid,Ceramide and Collagen Serum had achieve Award from SimplyHer Magazine on Singapore in 2011
2.V10 Plus Serum had achieve an award from Gloria Paraat Kauneus Tuotteet on Dinland ( Europe) in 2012
3.V10 Plus Hyaluronic Acid had achieve an award from L'Officiel Beaute on Singapore on 2012
4.V10 Plus official skincare product for Miss Singapore 2013
5.V10 Plus official skincare for Miss Scuba Singapore 2013
6.V10 Plus official skincare for Mrs.Singapore and Classic Mrs.Singapore on 2013 & 2014

There are 8 function V10 Water Based Peeling:
  1.  Preventing acne
  2.  Helps regenerate skin cells
  3.  Make make up more long lasting and natural
  4. Increase the absorption of nutrients skin care
  5. Help eliminate blackheads
  6. Brighten and smooth the skin
  7. Reduce acne scars
  8. Balance oil secretion in face 
 Active ingredients:
  • Rice extract. Natural source of several types of antioxidants, such as Tocopherol, Tocotrienols, Gamma Oryzanol, Phytosterol, Polyphenols and Squalane. Against free radicals and helps in anti aging.
  • Seaweed extract. With the absorption of minerals and sea salt, seaweed is believed to have natural healing properties that can slow down aging of the skin function. even, minerals contained in seaweed can also restore the natural moisture of the skin.

As you can see at the picture above... when you pull up the sachet V10 Plus Water Based Peeling you'll see some beauty tips from Ms.Akiko Yokata which is the founder of V10 Plus, the tips really usefull isn't it?

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount and leave it on cleansed & dry skin for 5 seconds. Then massage gently with your finger tips in circular motion. Dead skin cells in the form of tiny flakes will appear shortly. Rinse off the flakes thoroughly with water.

The color gel is very clear. This gel is watery, easy to use and after 5 seconds and you start to rub it , the dead skin will appear. Doesn't hurt, I really love this peeling gel because it's easy to use and make my skin feels cleaner, brighter, and softer! it's easy to wash ,unlike other peeling gel that bring out hard scrub.

The scent this product is almost non scented/ The scent is weak imo. It's amazing after using this peeling gel after 3 times, my face looks brighter and smoother.You should try this peeling gel for sure, even though this was sponsored but what i write is my honest opinion from the deep of my heart hehehe... like another songs ya :) and it's good for my skin. It's the first peeling gel that deep cleanse my face without making my skin thinner.
Pros :
  1. Cleanse deeply without making my skin thinner
  2. Brightens and smooth my face 
  3. Help skincare to absorb maximum
1.Pricey ( IDR 270.000)  and NOW promo (IDR 98.000 so grab it fast)

You can get it :
fot product information:
Email :

Thank you for read,  see you on my next post!

IBB Make Up Challenge July 2014

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Hello Beauties...!

Yup this is my first time to join IBB Make Up Challenge. Sebenernya siy udah ingin ikut meramaikan dari bulan lalu tapi sayang terlambat hohoho. it's ok lah.. untuk MUC bulan Juli ini, IBB bersama dengan The Face Shop mengambil tema Playful Summer.

Hadiahnya juga senilai kurang lebih IDR 750.000 dari The Face Shop untuk 2 orang pemenang. Produk yang termasuk antara lain CC cream, gel nail polish, eyeshadow & lipstick. Keren-keren kan untuk menambah koleksi make up :)

Karena temanya "Playful Summer" aku bermain dengan warna warni eyeshadow yang terang dan segar pada pangkal aku menggunakan warna shimmer white lalu pada kelopak tengah menggunakan warna ungu kemudian pada ujung mata aku menggunakan eyeshedow bewarna pink, kali ini aku menggunakan eyeliner hitam tipis pada garis kelopak mata lalu dibuat ujungnya double wink liner menggunakan warna ungu. Pada bagian bawah mata aku berikan eyeliner bewarna biru pada ujung mata kemudian garis dalamnya menggunakan warna kuning.   Biar tambah oke aku juga menggunakan bulu mata yang bewarna coklat dari brand Lavie jenis Fawn dan perona pipi bewarna pink biar tambah seger ditambah dengan warna lipstick pink yang memberikan kesan fun juga donk ya.

hayo... join juga yah kalian bagi kalian yang ingin ikutan, silahkan klik banner diatas, maka kamu akan langsung terhubung ke web IBB untuk mendapatkan informasi selengkapnya, apa aja sih syarat-syaratnya :) dan jangan lupa screen capture-nya kalau kamu sudah follow, like dan friend disemua social media The Face Shop Indonesia untuk memenuhi salah satu syaratnya seperti foto dibawah ini ya.

Ok, sekian postingan make up playfull summer dari saya. Wish me luck yah...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review Lancôme Gloss in Love shades 200

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 Heyhoo... Beauties!

I'm gonna tell about my baby first. Yes my lil baby Safa. Safa now asleep after I gave a drug, because she is now being sick :(. Hopefully baby Safa get well soon.
Let's check my review about Lâncome Gloss in Love. Well I got this product from event Lancome new counter you can read my event report here! There are 18 luminous shades available, but today I will share with you my own I got from event Lâncome shades 200, it called Just Strass, is a shimmer topper but I find that it looks lovely on its own as well.
hmm... I think these is innovatively packaged, fabulously formulated glosses are worth your consideration. The small rectangular button on the neck of the tube is the release mechanism for the wand. Click it, and the wand will pop right up. Say goodbye to the days of twisting glosses closed! And for those addicted to the sound of lipstick bullet clicks.
200 Just Strass: This ultra-iridescent flashy white can be worn alone for a bedazzled lip look. It can also be layered on as an undercoat or topper to transform any shade of lipstick.
I love the color. The Expert Applicator wand boasts a bi-faced sponge tip that features a curved side that applies just the right amount of gloss with one swipe. I personally love these nontraditional applicators, and the curved end just makes it that much easier to apply gloss on the go. You can also flip the applicator over and use the other side for more precision around the lip lines. I usually swipe across my lips first with the curved side and then line the top of my upper lip around the cupid's bow for more definition. This gives my upper lip a more feminine, plump appearance. 
The following photos before-after, on the photo above my bare lip and the photo below used the lip gloss. The formula is comfortable, non-sticky, moisturizing, and wears beautifully. It also applies evenly like a liquid balm. It feels very plush, not at all gritty considering the high shimmer, when worn. Most importantly, however, it does not cause any peeling! That is what I love most about Lâncome. I have the best luck with their lip products, so if you have sensitive lips, Lâncome is generally the best place to start.

Overall: If you love a comforting, high-gloss finish with mother of pearl sparkle, these new Lâncome Gloss in Love lip glosses may be your new Holy Grail!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm The First Winner B Blog x JFFF 2014 Blogging Competition

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Hi... Beauties!

Well.. Now I would not to tell about beauty product but beauty prizes that I got from join B Blog x JFFF 2014 Blogging Competition. Thanks God I got the 1st winner and got awesome prizes.

This event took place on 9 May -1 June 2014. On this occasion I attended two events on the 18th May 2014, SIRENA DEL SUR by Rafi Ridwan and 31 May 2014, The Finale promising NEXT YOUNG DESIGNERS. I submit a report of this event on 5 June 2014. You can read my full post about it HERE!
B Blogs project competition this time was really fair, because each participant had the opportunity to gain page views only for one week.
Actually I didn't think that I will win that competition because I do not know how to get more page views. I just posted my that event report in so many social media.
Honestly when I know I still can to get opportunity to get more page views, I just keep fighting to blog post in many social media , just hoping I can be one of the winner.
voting results on  June, 17 2014
Surprisingly when I know I stood at first place with the highest number of page views.
at that point I just hope and pray that I can remain in first place :). 

The announcement of the winner on Tuesday, June 24  2014 when I was on my way to event beauty blogger
Thanks god finally I'm the winner and congratulation for all the winners. This June is the month of my birthday. How nice this month I get a lot of gifts and happiness.
with COO PT. Bina Blog Indonesia, Mr. Tetsuya Osafune.
With Jean Milka as Staff B Blog
HP LG Nexus 5
Digital Frame

Thank you so much for B Blog for the invitation and projects competition and Jakarta Fashion Food & Festival for the best event.

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