Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review Lancôme Gloss in Love shades 200

Posted by Kania Safitri at 11:38 AM
 Heyhoo... Beauties!

I'm gonna tell about my baby first. Yes my lil baby Safa. Safa now asleep after I gave a drug, because she is now being sick :(. Hopefully baby Safa get well soon.
Let's check my review about Lâncome Gloss in Love. Well I got this product from event Lancome new counter you can read my event report here! There are 18 luminous shades available, but today I will share with you my own I got from event Lâncome shades 200, it called Just Strass, is a shimmer topper but I find that it looks lovely on its own as well.
hmm... I think these is innovatively packaged, fabulously formulated glosses are worth your consideration. The small rectangular button on the neck of the tube is the release mechanism for the wand. Click it, and the wand will pop right up. Say goodbye to the days of twisting glosses closed! And for those addicted to the sound of lipstick bullet clicks.
200 Just Strass: This ultra-iridescent flashy white can be worn alone for a bedazzled lip look. It can also be layered on as an undercoat or topper to transform any shade of lipstick.
I love the color. The Expert Applicator wand boasts a bi-faced sponge tip that features a curved side that applies just the right amount of gloss with one swipe. I personally love these nontraditional applicators, and the curved end just makes it that much easier to apply gloss on the go. You can also flip the applicator over and use the other side for more precision around the lip lines. I usually swipe across my lips first with the curved side and then line the top of my upper lip around the cupid's bow for more definition. This gives my upper lip a more feminine, plump appearance. 
The following photos before-after, on the photo above my bare lip and the photo below used the lip gloss. The formula is comfortable, non-sticky, moisturizing, and wears beautifully. It also applies evenly like a liquid balm. It feels very plush, not at all gritty considering the high shimmer, when worn. Most importantly, however, it does not cause any peeling! That is what I love most about Lâncome. I have the best luck with their lip products, so if you have sensitive lips, Lâncome is generally the best place to start.

Overall: If you love a comforting, high-gloss finish with mother of pearl sparkle, these new Lâncome Gloss in Love lip glosses may be your new Holy Grail!


MITCH said...

love how it makes your lips sparkle.


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Saya suka penjelasanya.. detail dan terperinci.. sukses dan sehat selalu ya mba.. Semoga bermanfaat untuk semua pembaca

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Keren ulasannya... :)

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