Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Event Report Grand Opening Kiehls Boutique Emporium Pluit Mall

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Hi Beauties..

Event report this time about I attended Grand Opening celebration Kiehls Boutique in Emporium Pluit Mall  on Saturday, 30th August 2014.

In the event of course I met with some Beauty Bloggers, it's great to meet them with familiar faces and new faces, because there are some who had previously met several times at the event before. The concept of the new counter is to make everyone feels at bar with the cozy design and layout.The decorations are also representing New York which were popcorn booth and cotton candy! i love cotton candy!

There are personal service from their Customer representative for skin consultation and samples. The grand opening has its own theme which was "NEW YORK FESTIVE" and it was super festive! Bloggers were invited and of course the giveaway winners on their social media.
The grand opening began with dancers from New York Dancers and character wearing Lady Liberty costume that attract the attention. The official grand opening was done with the ribbon cutting by Ms. Regina Widjaja as the brand manager of Kiehl's Indonesia and Dian Puspita as Retail Manager of Kiehl's Indonesia.

Now there are 14 stores of Kiehl's in Indonesia! Well I think it's enought to give you some information about this event. See you on next event.. :) Kindly leave message and follow me guys.. Thank you.

Event Report Estee lauder with Vincent Xu as Global Premiere Makeup Artist from China

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Hi... Last Saturday, 20th September 2014, I attended an Estee Lauder event on counter Metro Taman Anggrek start from 11 AM - 01 PM. In the event  I met with some Bloggers, Female Daily annd Lavie's invitation. The concept of this event to learn make up from the expert Estee Lauder global premiere makeup artis, Vincent Xu and Lavielash sponsored their beauty goodies.

There was a make up demo from Mr. Vincent. I was a bit late because it was traffic jam in case I starts leave home at 09.AM,  but the traffic jam so it takes 3 hours to got there huff... Jakarta's big problem ! When I arrived he was applying the eyeshadow already to one of the eyes model, but no worry since I've watched his demo previously I still can tell you the step by step. Mr. Vincent  mixed the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation with ANR to get the pretty glowing skin for the make up demo.

Then he did the eyebrows and the eye make up, for the brows he used to double wear dual eyebrow pencil, that has double end, one end is the dark color to fill in the eyebrows and the other end is light shade for correcting and perfecting the eyebrow shape. For the eyeshadow, he used dark grey color from the pure color collection, he said he was inspired by the New York Fashion Week, he also put eyeliner on the upper and bottom part, he said Indonesian women love to be seen like they're wearing make up while in China they tend to keep it light. Don't forget the blush, he has such techniques to apply blush, it looked like the brush didn't even touch the face, very smooth but the result was perfect.The gorgeous Theresia Juanita, who is a beauty blogger and Clozette Indonesia ambassador as well. 
I have no make up on and I looked super kucel . Mr. Vincent is so kind, and he loves selfie very much, he took a selfie with everyone.

Last but not least I brought home their lipstick, Lip Gloss and Advance Time Zone wrinkle eye creme as a gift, and sure Lavielash yeeaaay!

Thank you Estee Lauder and Lavielash for having me, see you on the next event :D

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Event Report Grand Launching Maybeline White Super Fresh: Enchance Your Look, Show Your Personality

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Hi Beauties...

I am back with an event report, I think almost every weekend I made event report hehe... Almost Last month on Thursday  I attended Maybeline White Super Fresh Launching Party was held on August, 28 2014 Starts 16.00 WIB until 17.30 WIB at The Empirica SCBD, Jakarta. I was invited by Mrs. Hani as as PR L'Oreal Paris.  I am glad to meet with so many beauty bloggers. The event went amazing!

The event began with Mr.Yannis  Rodocanachi,  General  Manager  Consumer  Product  Division L’OrĂ©al  Indonesia. Thera are Monika Ardiaanti as Head of Business Unit, Lia Kurtz as Group Product Manager for Face Category, Public Relation & Digital. Ryan Ogilvy as Official Make up Artist Maybeline New York. There are also new Brand Ambassador for Maybeline is Velove Vexia. As you all know Velove Vexia is the newest Brand Ambassador for Maybelline New York Indonesia. The reason she is chosen for their brand ambassador is because of course she's pretty then has great personality and multi-talented.

Together in this event,  Maybelline also introducing their contest with the title “Maybelline Girls Search” as a part of their campaign of “Enhance Your Look, Show Your Personality” in aiming to appreciate teen girls in Indonesia who has a smart, confident, beautiful characters who will inspire others to reach for their dreams. The judges will be from various background such as: Photographer, public speaking, makeup artist and many more. The prizes are a 1 year contract to be the model for Maybelline and other experience such as: beauty workshop, beauty camp and of course VIP access to all Maybelline events. At the end of the year, in December 2014, Maybelline will held a party where they will announce the 10 winners.Let's see how abaout this contest on the last year 2014!
Documentation from Ana
Documentation from Ana

Documentation from Ana
They also doing fashion show to showing us their 5 characters of girls in Indonesia. The 5 characters of girls in Indonesia are Traveller, City Girl, Sporty Spice, The Artistic or Bookworm. Makeup theme from Ryan Ogilvy, he brought New York fashion show makeup style to Indonesia but still can be wear for everyday makeup. Love all of them :)

White Superfresh cake powder is a powder that can last up to 12 hour even in humid place like Indonesia.
It also has SPF 34 PA++ to protect us from UV rays. It suitable for we ( Indonesia girls ) who want to have a fresh day all they long without have to touch up every single hour andd not making us look "too much" makeup.I will review for the details product from my experience, ok!

Well I think it's enought to give you some information about this event. Thank you Maybeline for invited me and Ana who gave me some documentation because I dont bring good camera to capture in lil bit light. See you on next event.. :) Kindly leave message and follow me guys.. Thank you. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review NYX Crystal Gold Liquid Liner

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Hello Beauties...

Now I'd like to review about liquid eyeliner, but now the color of liquid eyeliner has sparkling and glitter. Yup.. This is NYX Liquid Crystal Liner is a sparkling glitter liner with a precise brush for lining eyes with a bit of shimmer!These are rather fab and fun for spicing up your eye look with a bit of glitter in the place of your standard old boring pencil eyeliner. Each tube contains a super slim line brush for precise application. The formula is basically a shot of glittery goodness submerged in some sort of clear gel base.

The product comes in various shade selections so you can select a color depending on the look you are going for. I like using silver, gold or black for a smokey eye look, gold goes great paired up with a brown smoky look or warmer shades of coppers and golds, etc…..You have a total of 10 shades to choose from so you can mix and match according to the look you’re wanting to achieve.

I like the formula on these alot and find. It gives a nice shimmery finish but doesn’t over do your look with chunky, disco ball pieces of glitter. It’s just enough to lend a certain sparkle and shine to your finished eye look.

Some shades need an extra line or two where as others apply smoothly. I noticed that lighter shades had me lining and going over the line for a second time for the best shimmery pay off however shades such as gold applied perfectly so formulas vary from shade to shade.
  • Anyone wanting to spice up their eye look with a bit of sparkle!
  • Anyone wanna to add a bit more drama to their smokey eye looks (gold goes great with a brown smokey look, black or silver pairs up fab with a traditional smoky eye, etc..)
These are fun and should appeal to the budget crowd who really want to get their hands on Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner but simply don’t have the buck to indulge. Each one will set you Rp. 60.000 (or cheaper depending where you shop it) and you can get several for the price that one liner would set you back from other brands. 
Where to buy : NYX Olshop or Makeupuccino

I’m not really one for glitter, I feel too old for it usually. I hate the idea of looking like a woman trying to look younger, blech. But these are really subtle (or rather they can be). I had the chance to test one out recently when I was wearing a rather plain look. I had kind of neutral eyeshadows on and just black liner. I decided to add a line of Crystal Gold over the black and it added just the right amount of bling to my eyes without me looking like a 14 year old. You can use them either alone for a more subtle look or over a colored liner for more of an impact. A few of them I had to swipe a couple times to get more opacity.

They washed off pretty easily, I didn’t have any problems getting them off at all, which is always a plus with glitter! They do have a very slight gritty feeling if you touch them, but you can’t feel it when it’s actually on your eye. They seemed to stay in place all day as well. Well.. .Ok, I think I love this crystal gold liquid liner.
What about you? have you tried this crystal liquid liner? Let me know and feel free to comment.. Oke see you on my next post beauties...
For more details and anything about Makeupuccino, visit their 
Website : http://makeupuccino.com/
Facebook : Makeupuccino
IG : @makeupuccino
Wa : 082126221162
Line : Makeupuccino2

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Monday, September 22, 2014

How & Why I want to be a Beauty Blogger?

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Hello Beauties..

Ok, seperti judulnya kali ini aku mau sharing bagaimana dan mengapa aku ingin menjadi seorang Beauty Blogger.  Gak ada salahnya mengenal jati diri aku lebih dekat hohoho.. kan ada pepatah bilang "Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayanng"  Loh? aku lanjut yah beauties... Blog ini dibuat dari lubuk hati yang terdalam loh... well.. pastinya karena ingin melakukan kegiatan yang positive serta memberikan manfaat bagi banyak orang diwaktu luangku bersama my lil baby. Yes Now I'm 28th years old, happy wife, full time being mommy, really loves all about beauty (everything not only make up) a mother one of my lil princes her name is Safaira Vania Irawan. Tidak ada kata terlambat di usia aku saat ini dan status aku yang sudah menjadi seorang Ibu untuk menulis Blog :)

That's why aku nulis blog ini karena sebagian besar waktu Aku bersama anakku dan ingin sekali mencurahkan waktu luangku (kalau Safa lagi bobo) dengan hal-hal yang bermanfaat karena sejarahnya niy sebelum jadi full time being mommy yaitu seminggu sebelum melahirkan aku resign dari kantor yang berlokasi di Cibitung lumayan jauh untuk lokasi tempat tinggal aku yang sekarang bersama keluarga tercinta di daerah Pondok Aren. Yup berangkat shubuh aja masih macet padahal masih dalam tol, masuk tol Pondok Aren sampai keluar tol di Cibitung rasanya sesuatu apalagi kalo udah punya baby bisa gak konsen nyetir wah ditambah berita tentang anak yang dijaga pengasuhnya banyak terlantar dll (wah tambah parno dah). Jalan terbaik adalah aku mengasuh dan bisa memberikan ASI ekslusif secara intens pada anakku, walaupun sempat terpikir untuk kerja lagi untuk mewujudkan masa depan Safa yang lebih baik aku berfikir menyiapkan biaya untuk berbagai macam keperluannya, biaya sekolah dll. tapi aku rasa yang aku lakukan saat ini adalah jauh lebih baik untuk masa depannya, karena pengaruh pengasuh terhadap attitude seorang anak sangat berperan penting memberikan sikap dan berperilaku di kemudian hari. Aku masih baru dalam bidang menulis blog, Yup baru akhir bulan februari 2014 ini aku baru memulai. Setelah my Lil Princes berumur diatas 3 bulan jam tidurnya sudah teratur So I'm still newbie hehehe..

Pertama kali pengen buat blog tuh udah lama (banged) karena banyak yang meminta dan memberikan saran agar aku untuk segera membuat blog agar waktu luangku jadi tidak membosankan dan ingin berbagi cerita serta koleksi foto-foto narsis aku (wkwkwk) agar di share dan ter-manage dengan baik dalam tulisan-tulisan aku. Dengan segala kekurangansxa pengetahuanku untuk membuat blog aku beranikan untuk mencoba karena aku belum punya pengetahuan apapun tentang blog. Untuk nama dan Temanya sendiri aku tidak lama berpikir aku pilih nama blog aku "Beauty Diary kania" karena kalau diartikan secara harfiah yaitu Beauty: kecantikan/keindahan, Diary: buku harian/catatan harian and Kania: my nick name hehe jadi kalau dirangkai menjadi catatan harian Kania yang indah :D. Jadi aku menganggap menulis di blog ini seperti diary aku yang menceritakan berbagai hal yang terjadi dikehidupan aku baik suka maupun duka aku akan tulis karena jika dijalani dengan ikhlas semua akan terasa lebih indah, cie elah... selain itu nama blog aku cukup mudah di ingat bukan? (maksa deh...)

Selama aku nge-blog banyak sekali keuntungan yang didapatkan of course! Selain mengisi waktu luangku dengan hal yang bermanfaat, dengan menulis blog ini aku bisa mengenal lebih banyak teman-teman bloggers, bisa bertemu secara langsung sesama beauty and fashion blogger dengan adanya beberapa invitation yang aku hadiri, bisa mencoba produk-produk high brand yang pastinya kalau beli semua sendiri hari gini bisa menguras isi dompet ibu rumah tangga seperti aku :), bisa meng-up date dan meningkatkan pengetahuan, keterampilan dan kreatifitas di bidang makeup selain dari blog antar teman juga banyak free beauty class sehingga memperkarya ilmu bermake up dari para pakarnya langsung loh, bisa mendapatkan banyak goodie bag hahaha yang isinya pasti bikin mupeng cewek-cewek kalo aku buat event report, bisa ikutan berbagai macam giveaway yang hadiahnya juga seru-seru pastinya, aku juga bisa ikutan make up competition yang hadiahnya pasti gak kalah seru. Aku pernah jadi pemenang make up chalenge juga loh yang diadakan oleh Shella Sanjaya yang di sponsori oleh The Balm dan Lotte Shopping Avenue sebagai juara pertama Make up Chalenge dengan inspirasi dari 5 negara yang ada di palete Balm Voyage cosmetic The Balm, sebagai hadiah juara pertama yang aku dapatkan yaitu palete Balm Voyage cosmetic dari The Balm dan Voucher sebersar Rp. 300.000,- dari Lotte Shopping Avenue nah lumayan banged kaaan... serta aku pernah memenangkan Juara pertama di Make Up Chalenge July 2014 yang diadakan Indonesian Beauty Bloggers. selain itu  bisa cobain cosmetic mahal dengan kualitas bagus secara gratis dengan full size looh dan voucher belanja lumayan besar buat ibu rumah tangga seperti aku :D selain itu juga aku bisa mendapatkan penghasilan ternyata hihihi dengan adanya beberapa teman yang ingin dimake up in sama aku (alhamdulillah rejeki si baby).

Sebagai seorang blogger yang baru ini tetapi aku sudah lumayan sering ikutan event yang diadakan beauty blogger loh. Tips dan trick dari aku sebagai blogger adalah semuanya berawal dari niat yang kuat (hahaha udah kaya mau puasa aja yah) Niatkan dirimu dapat menulis minimal diwaktu luangmu harus menulis walaupun baru di draft sehingga tiap minggu bisa menghasilkan tulisan dalam blog kamu. Jangan pernah takut mencoba Be creative girls... jadi jangan takut salah namanya juga creative mau buat tulisan out of the box juga boleh ko.. (asal masih sesuai sama 5 dasar pancasila yah LOL) next.. pastikan dulu passion kamu dimana jadi saat kamu menulis blog semua terasa ringan dan menyenangkan (menyiasati rasa malas dan bosan kamu niy). Rajin-rajin browsing yang berkaitan dengan blog kamu agar terus up date informasi dan event-event yang berkaitan dengan blog kamu. Setelah selesai menulis jangan lupa minta kritik dan saran agar pada next tulisan kamu bisa lebih baik lagi yah. and then ikuti berbagai event yang bisa mempertemukan sesama blogger sehingga saat bertemu pasti ada rasa semangat dalam diri kita agar bisa lebih baik lagi dalam menulis. Semangat menulis blog juga bisa dengan joint acara kompetisi yang pastinya sering diadakan sesuai tema blog kamu, salah satunya seperti kompetisi "Pre Event Writing Competion".

Event ini merupakan event pertama kali yang akan diadakan dari Beauty Bloggers untuk Beauty Bloggers.  Acara ini di organisir oleh  Carnellin YulyantiMeilani Chow dan Istiariana Putri dan di sponsori oleh :
- Zap Hair Removal (http://zap.co.id/)
- BeautyGoodsID ( http://instagram.com/beautygoodsid )
- D'Height Salon Central Park (http://instagram.com/dheight.team)
- Kawaii Beauty Japan (http://www.kawaiibeautyjapan.com/)

Berawal dari obrolan iseng dari Carnellin YulyantiMeilani Chow dan Istiariana Putri  harapan untuk mempertemukan dan mengumpulkan Beauty Blogger di Indonesia. Yup jadilah acara ini yang diberi nama Bblogger Meet Up yang akan diadakan di the Nanny's Pavilion - Central Park. pada hari Sabtu, 27 September 2014, pukul 10.30 on time yah... sodara-sodara akan mulai dimulai registrasi acara tersebut.

Acaranya ini tidak hanya mempertemukan para Beauty Bloggers loh yang biasanya kalau ketemu hanya sekedar ngobrol soalnya pasti kita ketemu seringnya pada event-event yang diadakan oleh pihak sponsor atau perusahaan, so.. ga mungkin toh buat acara sendiri dalam event orang lain. Makanya kali ini eventnya lebih keren karena ada special talkshow, make up demo dan product sharing. Nah... dalam event ini bukan sekedar ngobrol biasa tentang make up namun kita akan mendapatkan ilmu dari beberapa Beauty Bloggers yang sudah cukup jago dalam bidangnya such as "How's to deal with companies by Carnelin, Company's perspective by Istiarina dan Blog rate & sponsorship secret by Meilani dan kalau biasanya talkshow serta make up demo dari pihak sponsor kali ini dari beauty blogger juga yang tentunya sudah ahli dan mengenyam pendidikan sekolah make up yang sudah terpercaya dengan hasilnya yang keren yaitu dari Endi Feng dan Carryna Pratiwi. Gimana nambah mupeng donk.. selain bisa ketemu sesama pecinta dunia kecantikan ditambah dapet banyak ilmu seputar kecantikan.

By the way, Anyway, Busway yah... acara ini ternyata banyak sekali yang mendukung seperti beberapa sponsor yang tadi sudah aku sebutkan. Sehingga dengan banyaknya sponsor bisa dikatakan setiap Beauty Bloggers yang berpartisipasi akan mendapatkan BIG! Goodies from all sponsor serta berbagai macam hadiah seperti Live twwet dan IG competition, Door Prize, Lucky Draw dan Best Dress.. and many more... Uuuh... jadi ga sabar dateng ke acara tersebut.

Sayangnya  karena acara ini tidak mendapatkan support untuk venuenya sehingga ada fee untuk yang mau join acara ini. Tenang harganya gak mahal ko hanya sebesar Rp. 150.000,- dengan harga itu kalian bisa mendapatkan makanan dan minuman, ketemu temen-temen sesama pecinta beauty, dapet isi goodie bag yang banyak dari sponsor serta tempat yang nyaman. So... gak bakalan nyesel deh dan buat kalian yang beruntung seperti aku bisa masuk ke dalam peserta acara ini, karena acara ini terbatas hanya untuk 20 orang saja. Semoga untuk kedepannya acara ini akan ada lagi event seperti ini yang lebih besar tentunya dengan makin banyaknya sponsor dan mudah-mudahan nggak cuma Beauty Bloggers yang ada di Jakarta aja yang bisa join tapi seluruh Indonesia dan nggak hanya terbatas untuk 20 orang. Amin... (semoga dikabulkan yah..)

Ok,itu dia sharing dari aku bagaimana dan mengapa menjadi Beauty Blogger serta event keren yang akan berlangsung minggu depan (yang pasti SERU!... banget tunggu yah event reportnya dari aku) hehehe...  well.. see you on my next post...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mini Review Lime Crime Lipstick Geradium

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Hi Beauties..

I'm very happy, finally, I got my hands on Geradium  shade of lime crime products :) I am reviewing one of lime crime bestseller lipstick  Geradium let's find out review, swatch and FOTD using these lippies.

Starting with the pakacging no doubt its girly I love the packaging color and art work on it its very eye-catching the lipsticks come in round tube of light purplish color with silver multi-toned art work on it.
Formula is not very moisturizing neither dry its in between, but you better exfoliate before wearing any Lime crime lipstick because it's very pastel-ish just coat once and it ll cover entire lips you don’t need to coat it again full coverage lipstick lol, the bad thing is it does look cakey if you do not exfoliate your lips properly before application. It smells like vanilla yes  I really like the smell it’s a vegan cruelty-free  cosmetic company so no worries they don’t test on animals.  

Geradium is very lovely color, it pops out the over-all  look and really suit my skin tone it is an intense coral pink colour and again a mismatch of official swatch on lime crime website.
The color officialy from Lime Crime website.
When I Wear it is good without drinking and eating it does start fading after 2 hour from centre and corners of my lips and set the lines in a crease of lips I do have this problem with few of my lipsticks. This lipstick color will stick to glass if you're drinking, so the color will be reduced over time, but believe me even less lip color but still have the lipstick color, so the color is not completely lost.
Overall,  I love it, which suits me but not satisfy with few others which I wanted to try out. I am satisfied with the intensity and formula of opaque lipsticks but not happy with the lime crime official swatches of opaque lipies as it persuaded me to buy lime crime and I splurge so much just to get these shades here.
Prices and availability : Rp. 245.000 available on so many online shop cosmetic USA but I got it from NYX Olshop or Makeupuccino.

Which Lime crime product you own and want to try?
Share your comments and experiences about LC products.

For more details and anything about Makeupuccino, visit their 
Website : http://makeupuccino.com/
Facebook : Makeupuccino
IG : @makeupuccino
Wa : 082126221162
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