Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Event Report Estee lauder with Vincent Xu as Global Premiere Makeup Artist from China

Posted by Kania Safitri at 2:37 PM
Hi... Last Saturday, 20th September 2014, I attended an Estee Lauder event on counter Metro Taman Anggrek start from 11 AM - 01 PM. In the event  I met with some Bloggers, Female Daily annd Lavie's invitation. The concept of this event to learn make up from the expert Estee Lauder global premiere makeup artis, Vincent Xu and Lavielash sponsored their beauty goodies.

There was a make up demo from Mr. Vincent. I was a bit late because it was traffic jam in case I starts leave home at 09.AM,  but the traffic jam so it takes 3 hours to got there huff... Jakarta's big problem ! When I arrived he was applying the eyeshadow already to one of the eyes model, but no worry since I've watched his demo previously I still can tell you the step by step. Mr. Vincent  mixed the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation with ANR to get the pretty glowing skin for the make up demo.

Then he did the eyebrows and the eye make up, for the brows he used to double wear dual eyebrow pencil, that has double end, one end is the dark color to fill in the eyebrows and the other end is light shade for correcting and perfecting the eyebrow shape. For the eyeshadow, he used dark grey color from the pure color collection, he said he was inspired by the New York Fashion Week, he also put eyeliner on the upper and bottom part, he said Indonesian women love to be seen like they're wearing make up while in China they tend to keep it light. Don't forget the blush, he has such techniques to apply blush, it looked like the brush didn't even touch the face, very smooth but the result was perfect.The gorgeous Theresia Juanita, who is a beauty blogger and Clozette Indonesia ambassador as well. 
I have no make up on and I looked super kucel . Mr. Vincent is so kind, and he loves selfie very much, he took a selfie with everyone.

Last but not least I brought home their lipstick, Lip Gloss and Advance Time Zone wrinkle eye creme as a gift, and sure Lavielash yeeaaay!

Thank you Estee Lauder and Lavielash for having me, see you on the next event :D


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