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Review NYX Crystal Gold Liquid Liner

Posted by Kania Safitri at 9:37 AM
Hello Beauties...

Now I'd like to review about liquid eyeliner, but now the color of liquid eyeliner has sparkling and glitter. Yup.. This is NYX Liquid Crystal Liner is a sparkling glitter liner with a precise brush for lining eyes with a bit of shimmer!These are rather fab and fun for spicing up your eye look with a bit of glitter in the place of your standard old boring pencil eyeliner. Each tube contains a super slim line brush for precise application. The formula is basically a shot of glittery goodness submerged in some sort of clear gel base.

The product comes in various shade selections so you can select a color depending on the look you are going for. I like using silver, gold or black for a smokey eye look, gold goes great paired up with a brown smoky look or warmer shades of coppers and golds, etc…..You have a total of 10 shades to choose from so you can mix and match according to the look you’re wanting to achieve.

I like the formula on these alot and find. It gives a nice shimmery finish but doesn’t over do your look with chunky, disco ball pieces of glitter. It’s just enough to lend a certain sparkle and shine to your finished eye look.

Some shades need an extra line or two where as others apply smoothly. I noticed that lighter shades had me lining and going over the line for a second time for the best shimmery pay off however shades such as gold applied perfectly so formulas vary from shade to shade.
  • Anyone wanting to spice up their eye look with a bit of sparkle!
  • Anyone wanna to add a bit more drama to their smokey eye looks (gold goes great with a brown smokey look, black or silver pairs up fab with a traditional smoky eye, etc..)
These are fun and should appeal to the budget crowd who really want to get their hands on Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner but simply don’t have the buck to indulge. Each one will set you Rp. 60.000 (or cheaper depending where you shop it) and you can get several for the price that one liner would set you back from other brands. 
Where to buy : NYX Olshop or Makeupuccino

I’m not really one for glitter, I feel too old for it usually. I hate the idea of looking like a woman trying to look younger, blech. But these are really subtle (or rather they can be). I had the chance to test one out recently when I was wearing a rather plain look. I had kind of neutral eyeshadows on and just black liner. I decided to add a line of Crystal Gold over the black and it added just the right amount of bling to my eyes without me looking like a 14 year old. You can use them either alone for a more subtle look or over a colored liner for more of an impact. A few of them I had to swipe a couple times to get more opacity.

They washed off pretty easily, I didn’t have any problems getting them off at all, which is always a plus with glitter! They do have a very slight gritty feeling if you touch them, but you can’t feel it when it’s actually on your eye. They seemed to stay in place all day as well. Well.. .Ok, I think I love this crystal gold liquid liner.
What about you? have you tried this crystal liquid liner? Let me know and feel free to comment.. Oke see you on my next post beauties...
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