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Unboxing The Best of L'Oreal Paris Product 2014 Edition

Posted by Kania Safitri at 11:37 AM
Hello Beauties...  

This is not my first time to get this beauty box, as before I ever get L'Oreal Beauty Box.  This time L’Oréal Paris would like to celebrate the end of 2014 with Best of L’Oréal Paris Beauty Box. This Beauty Box #3 is the best products in 2014, contained skin care products (for men and women), hair product and the must-have makeup, so it contained 9 items in a box. 

  • Revitalift Laser Power Water

The first cosmetic water enriched with anti-aging Pro-Xylane to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and strengthen the epidermal layer, so that the skin moist for 48 hours, more supple and close the pores. Content of Adenosine serve to reduce wrinkles and make the face look young.
  • White Perfect Laser White Essence

The first product of the essence of black stain by attacking through three dimensions: size, number and color of the black stain. formulated with Actyl-C, which serves as lightening and prevention of the emergence of a black stain.
  •  The best formula to overcome hair loss
  1. L'Oreal paris Fall Resist 3x, Anti Hair Fall Shampoo
  2. L'Oreal paris Fall Resist 3x, Anti Hair FallConditioner

Hair loss is one of the most hair problems experienced by the people of Indonesia. Based Edelman survey in 2011 in 10 cities in Indonesia, as many as 70% of Indonesian women experiencing hair loss is a problem for their crown.
Hair loss can occur due to the usage of tools like curly hair styling iron, hair dryer and straightener, or because of stress and heredity. Hair loss and hair breakage can be prevented by L'Oreal Paris Resist Fall 3x. Arginine content of a new formula that has been developed further by L'Oreal Paris working to provide extra care: 1. take care of the hair root strength to prevent hair loss; 2. maintain the strength of the hair shaft to prevent hair breakage; 3. nourish the stem to the tip of the hair to make it more powerful and beautiful. Hair becomes 124% stronger. The use of a series of L'Oreal Paris Fall Resis 3x regularly can prevent hair loss in the long term.
  • Color Riche Collection Star Nude (3 items)

Lipstick is one of the makeup products are the mainstay of every woman, its use can instantly enhance the overall makeup. To improve the makeup to look beautiful naturally, L'Oreal Paris presents three new colors Color Riche Nude Collection Star .  

Third special limited edition lipstick is inspired by the beauty of Asian lady who is the ambassador of L'Oreal Paris, namely; Gong Li to color Barely Moka, Sonam Kapoor for Barely Plum color as well as a global brand ambassador Jennifer Lopez for Barely Greige color.
  • Best male grooming products: Men Expert Hydra Energetic  
  1. Men Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Cleansing Gel
  2.  Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturizing Fluid

As a holistic beauty brand, L'Oreal Paris also presents the best care range to accompany the activities of Indonesian men. One of the activities of men who regularly performed before men start daily activities is shaved. But many men who experience mild irritation while shaving caused by skin conditions that are not optimal when the shearing process is done. To overcome this, the skin should be well prepared, so mild irritation can be avoided.

The product range Men Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Cleansing and Moisturizing Fluid Hydra Energetic will be a practical solution for both men before and after shaving. Icy Cleansing Gel will cleanse, maintain moisture and make the process easier because shave become enriched with Cyro-Tonic will make the skin feel soft and comfortable. While moisturizing fluid that contains Taurine and Vitamin C will keep the moisture of the skin after shaving, making the face feels fresh and sunny all day. By providing the latest innovation from L'Oreal high berteknolohi Paris, the women and men in Indonesia may appear more confident.

Okay that's all the products that I get from L'Oreal Paris Beauty Box Thank You Loreal Paris! I will do a review all products soon!  Thanks for reading, see you on my next post and don't forget to follow my Blog, IG. FB and Twittter.

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