Friday, May 2, 2014

Review Face Spa Whitening 2in 1 Cleanser Powder

Posted by Kania Safitri at 6:17 PM
This is the last review product in my goodie bag from event Cosmekita. Well let see my review guys..
The pakacging in small clear bottle made plastic and I think this is travel size only 60gr.  The texture is powder and I felt like granular scrubs when you apply in to your face. I don't know about this brand mostly. I know every beauty women really wants smooth and beautiful skin. Many facial washes catering to this desire are available on the market. One is 2in 1 Cleanser Powder, which is produced by theIndonesian cosmetics company Paramarta Spa. Its makers claim that the powder wash has the ability to both brighten and hydrate as well as cleanse your skin

The information that is on the set consists of a powder cleanser and a mist that serves as a moisturizer after cleanser but I didn't get that mist product. This product contains extract of jicama, jicama pachyrhizon rich, vitamin B1 and vitamin C. The composition of minerals is the perfect cleanser to make the skin look brighter and whiter. Olive oil, rich in antioxidants smoothes the skin, making the skin moist without clogging pores as well as moisturizing of chemicals. How to use? well... actually I dont know how to use this cleanser powder because I didn't get some information or guidence about this product and also the inside there's no user  guidence :(. hmm but don't worry I tried and this is instruction from me. Hopefully my instructions correctly. :)

  1. Wet your face and hands with warm water.  
  2. Dispense a quarter-sized portion of powder into the palm of your hand. Mix the powder with the water already on your hands to create a lather.  
  3. Apply the lather with your fingertips using a circular motion. Begin at your forehead, working your way down your face to your neck. Take care to avoid your eyes and mouth. 
  4. Rinse your face and neck thoroughly with warm water. Follow this with a cold rinse if desired.

Do not worry the scent is unobtrusive. I define similar aromateraphy and there is a slight smell of orange / lemon is very refreshing. The results after using the cleanser my skin feeling clean and fresh.
I think it's enought for that review hoping usefull and guidence you before using cleanser powder.

 For more information about Paramarta Spa  you can see in HERE

Thank you guys.. enjoyed your day :) 


Turis Cantik said...

coba ah, thanks reviewnya ;)

Kania Safitri said...

Iya dicoba biar ga penasaran hehehe... Thanks yah dah mampir saling folback yuk hihi biar nambah teman

Ririeprams said...

aku udah coba, di mukaku malah bikin kering bgt. Kayaknya kurang cocok di kulit aku :(

Kania Safitri said...

hah? serius udah brp kali pake? klo aku siy baru sekali cobain hasilnya ya seger kaya abis cuci muka aja siy Riri folbekan yuu hehe

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