Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Blind Test "Secret Mascara"

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Hello Beauties...
I got this product for blind test from Mr. Topik Hidayah, he is an agency AZcomm. He guarantee this is an international cosmetic product that are well known. This is the secret new mascara product for the blind test campaign without name, price and brand cosmetic. I absolutely cannot turn down the opportunity to try it.

This secret mascara comes with simple tube packaging. This secret mascara shaped of the brush along with the sleek black and silver tube. The brush allows you to easily coat your lashes. It's a dual purpose wand that allows you to apply your mascara the regular, straight edge way, while the tip gives you the freedom to reach out on to the corner lashes just by tipping the wand upward, that really impressed me. It also an easy brush to use if  you tend to hold your wand in a vertical position and use a windshield wiper motion for lower lash application (my preferred way to apply mascara to my lower lashes). Apply until desired volume achieved.
The scent is pleasant, not too smelly. This secret mascara has a flower scent to it that you find with many other mascaras. It's not terribly strong or noticeable to me during application.
The texture is how I like my mascara, creamy and patent-like. it's a thicker formula, but it adheres to the lashes quite easily. The color blackest black shade makes my lashes appear thick and long. A nice contrast for an intense makeup look, especially smokey makeup look. 
With one coat, this mascara adds a good amount of volume and tiny bit of length. The result is still natural for those who don't like to much volume. I find that it's best not to touch your eyes or lashes for a couple of minutes after you've  applied this mascara because your lashes will still be tacky and stick together.
Here's my eye after two coats of secret mascara (I did not curl my lashes either before or after application)

Result is evenly coated lashes, with the right amount of volume and length. But to be fair, I don't overdo the mascara application, so the result is pretty much impressive for me. The first coat, is pretty clump-free, but there is some "clumpage" on the second coat. After two coats, this mascara doesn't quite delver mega-volume but it does deposit enough product to make me (a volume-friend) satisfied. One this mascara has dried, it is not brittle or crispy -it stays very soft and pliable after it has set. On a different day, I tried this mascara. I wore it around the house for four hours, and here's what happened (see pic below). I think this is the washable formula,  I was able to remove it easily with a water-based and oil-based makeup remover without so much as a hitched. That's a plus right there for sure. :)
Staying power for this washable formula is sub-par when it comes to my oily skin. I was able to test this mascara and I could never, ever get more than 4-5 hours before I saw smudging under my lower lashes (see pic above)

I love using this as an all-around mascara, both day and night time. It's got a stays quite soft and pliable on the lashes even after it dries,  and thickens the volume of my lashes.  This secret mascara is also very easy to use to be able to reach out the far corners of my lashes. I am able to remove this mascara quickly and easily with my just regular facial cleanser. No make up remover needed.  

I like:
  • A good brush design
  • isn't clumpy
  • builds volume easily
  • adds little length
I don't like:
  • You have to be careful not to apply too much of this mascara
  • Not waterproof
I love simple packaging, easy application, decent volume and horrible to staying power, I'm really bummed about this, considering that I love the consistency and brush so much, and I'm also satisfied with the level of volume this gives my lashes (not dramatic, but good enough for daytime wear).
Overall, definitely recommending this to all of you. Especially to those who wants to change their regular mascara to a more interesting one. :) Thank you Mr. Topik, I've tried the good product :) #rollwithindo
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