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Review Skin 79 Triple Function BB Cream (Super Beblesh Balm) Hot Pink

Posted by Kania Safitri at 1:25 PM
I heard a lot of good things about BB creams and that it is good for acne/scarred skin. BB Cream, also known as Blemish Balm (or beblesh balm) is a cosmetic product that was originally formulated in Germany. Patients who just received laser surgery used it and it would provide protection to the skin while also providing coverage. It grew very popular in South Korea and soon, it exploded all over Asia.

BB cream provides moisture, protection, coverage and can even improve the texture of the skin. These days, BB creams come in many different formulas; some even out skin tone, some help acne, some provide wrinkle improvement etc.

Most BB creams contain SPF, (some contains LOTS of SPF) which means whilst it will protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it can also make your skin ghastly. This is my only disadvantage with some BB creams, the fact that it can be ‘too light’ on the skin. I really hope that BB creams will have more ‘shades’ for different skin tones one day.


This BB cream is highly raved about so I decided to try out this little baby. I’m not surprised why it's so raved about because this BB cream does everything a BB cream is supposed to do. Coverage is great and it blends beautifully. Can be applied using a brush or fingers; both works fine. It doesn’t get oily on the skin which is a good factor since I feel most BB creams tend to do this. Doesn’t feel sticky or heavy yet keeps the skin feeling moisturized. It isn’t ‘too white’ like most BB creams which is again good for me.

When I applied this BB cream on my face, I noticed how good it smells. I have never smelled anything like this, but it is a very calm smell if you know what I mean. The smell just calms me down.
One of the best things about pakacging this BB cream is the pump. This pump lets you squeeze out as much as you want or as less as you want. Basically, you are in control of how much you want to come out of that bottle. The pump also makes this BB cream a very hygienic one.
 It's supposed to have whitening properties. I can’t really tell if it does because my face has always been pale as far as I can remember. Although I really feel that it has helped to lighten my acne scars a little. It's supposed to have wrinkle improvement but I don’t really know about that yet. Like most BB creams - once applied on the face, it can look ‘ashy’ but when it oxidizes, it looks great. This BB cream contains SPF of 25, not much at all.

Price : Rp. 189,000- for 40gr (but I Got this product free from Skin79 Indonesia )
Pros of Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions:
  • The smell has a very calming effect.
  • Fills in my pores.
  • Very thick but feels light on the face.
  • Bottle has a pump.
  • Can’t wear by itself because of the shade, but perfect to wear under my foundation.
  • Contains a lot of product.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • Covers a lot of my scars.
Cons of Skin79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions:
  • SPF 25 which I think is too less (personal preference is SPF of 35 and more)


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