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Review: The Balm Liquid Time Balm Spot Concealer in Nude!

Posted by Kania Safitri at 12:54 PM
Spot concealer with TimeBalm! Hello ladies and all other viewers! I'm going to squeeze in another quick review on a product I actually have had for a long long time! This liquid concealer from theBalm was from one of my first and only major purchases from theBalm which is sold here in Jakarta at The Balm outlets!
theBalm Liquid Time Balm spot concealer in Nude

 Packaging & Product!

This liquid concealer comes in a handy little bottle with a sponge wand applicator. I love how its so small, light and easy to bright around but unfortunately this wand does not get much product out of the tube and I'm quite sure A LOT of it will be wasted when I'm ready to throw this out. The packaging is very neat, green with very appropriate labelling as this concealer is meant to hide and help heal spots it contains tea tree oil in the concealer.

Due to the oil, the concealer has an oily feel which allows for easy blending but it remains greasy after application and smells of the oil. I personally love the smell of tea tree but others might find it too strong.

I've used this over some red angry spots before and to my surprise despite the thin greasy texture this concealer really covers up all the redness from pimples and darkness from light scaring. I found that this still works under a medium to full coverage foundation/base. If you use a light tinted moisturizer or foundation over this, it moves the concealer and the coverage is disturbed. If you powder heavily over this, the concealer may also become patchy.
I've used a cream type base product over this and the concealer also is moved very easily. The best way to use this is to apply straight into clean skin and lightly powder. Or to apply over your base and lightly powder, however this second way does not allow the tea tree to be in direct contact with your skin.

Please note due to this ingredient using this under the eyes or around the mouth would be a bad idea. It will likely sting and hurt those sensitive areas so keep this to the cheeks, forehead and chin.
theBalm Liquid Time Balm spot concealer in Nude (there are 3 shades: fair, nude, honey)

Paid: Rp. 320.000 at counter but I got Rp. 100.000 Voucher so I paid Rp. 220.000,-

Recommend: Only for those ladies who don't wear much face make up and just want some spot concealing. For those who want to combine products/layer products this will not be a good choice.

Repurchase: No, I deal with my blemishes with medication and not with make up products. I will use this until most is finish and will likely throw it out because I can't layer or work this with other products easily.

Bottom line: Great coverage for such a thin consistency of product, however the inability of this formula to work/layer with other products make it difficult to use in my regular routine. Best for those who just spot conceal their blemishes and apply a setting powder. I do love the range of products thebalm has to offer and will be going back to try more things!

Are you a fan of tea tree infused make up?
Tried concealers from theBalm?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


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