Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review: Paula’s Choice SHINE STOPPER Instant Matte Finish

Posted by Kania Safitri at 1:31 PM
Hi everyone! Today I I’m going to be reviewing Paula’s Choice SHINE STOPPER Instant Matte Finish, a mattifying primer.

The product claims to have “microsponge technology” which “works instantly and over time to help absorb and trap excess oil as it reaches your skin’s surface. Much like a sponge absorbs moisture, Microsponge uses special porous polymers that not only absorb excess oil but also leave your skin feeling powdery smooth and fresh. Think of this technology as millions of spherical sponges working to keep your oily skin looking beautifully refined and perfectly matte without dryness or dullness.”

This product comes in a squeeze-tube with a thin, pointed applicator and twist-off top. The packaging isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but it’s the most sanitary, travel-friendly possible. You only need about a pea sized dab for your oily areas.

There are multiple ways to use this product. Personally, I mix it in with my sunscreen and apply it before applying foundation. Alternatively, you can use a sponge to dab on the product on top of your foundation in the places you get shiny. You can also use it over your moisturizer to help keep shine at bay even if you don’t wear makeup.

This product is a silky white lotion. It becomes invisible when rubbed in, with no white cast in person or on flash photography. It doesn’t make you look too matte or chalky, and it does not dry out skin.

Like all Paula’s Choice products, this one is fragrance free–a great thing for any product you put on your skin, particularly your face. The product itself feels like a silicon gel and applies clear, so you don’t have to worry about it altering the color of your makeup. This also makes it a good option for guys who want an invisible mattifier.

On extremely hot days when my forehead sweats, sweat is able to break through the primer. This didn’t surprise me, as the product never claimed to last through sweating.

It doesn’t pill when applied over/under foundation/BB Cream. I did not see a significant reduction in pore size, however my pores are not that big in the first place, nor was I looking for a pore-shrinking primer. That being said, no product can actually shrink your pores. Some primers can act like Spackle, filling them in, but nothing will actually reduce their size.

I like to tap a little dab of this over my face midday to take away shine for a few hours. It functions well as a preventative step or a touch-up.

Overall, I think this is worth checking out if you have oily skin. I don’t know why it suddenly became less effective; if you’ve experienced that before or you know why, please let me know.

What’s your favorite mattifying primer?


MITCH said...

I always prefer product that has no fragrance :) Thanks for the review.


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