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Review: Make Over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake 01 Light Beige

Posted by Kania Safitri at 1:01 PM
Hello beauties...
Yup This review about local product but I think very familiar now in Indonesia. Actually, I got a chance to tried some of MAKEOVER products because I won their mini makeup case of goodies which you can read my full post about it here :)
The powder is packaged in a common round black case with the words MAKE OVER printed on the surface. On the bottom of the case, there are square holes like those you would find on a twin cake or two way cake packagings.
Inside the case, there is a round mirror, sizing about 5 cm in diameter. Underneath the product, I can flip it and find a round sponge to apply my powder. The sponge is of good quality because of the smooth surface and soft texture.
This product available 7 shades :
01 Light Beige
02 Sheer Pink
03 Sandy Beige
04 Natural
05 Coffee Beige
06 Cappuccino
07 Espresso

The main ingredients is talc, which may have sensitivity for some people who has developed hypersensitivity against it. However, for those without any allergies, feel free to use it. The second ingredient is probably what helps to create that smooth silky finish, dimethiconol stearate. So, again, for those having hypersensitivity towards silicone or its derivatives, it's probably best to skip this powder. The rest of the ingredients are mostly fillers, extracts to help moisturize the skin and Vitamin E, but I doubt that it'll be doing my face any good since Vitamin E will break down or dissipate or vanish when exposed to the sun.
The shades 01 in light beige. This shades very recomended for lighter skin. For application, I prefer to use a combination of sponge and brush. I usually apply the powder in a tapping motion first using the round sponge provided. After I have made sure that the powder is evenly distributed on my face, I use a powder brush (usually the Bobbi Brown complexion brush) to remove or knock off any excess powder that may have been sitting on my face. This will ensure that I get the coverage from the powder, but not cakey in result.
Scent this product is almost non scented/ The scent is weak imo. Texture are Fine and soft powder, easy to spread evenly. Coverage if u use this with dry sponge included, it will give u level (in the middle) between sheer to medium coverage.
One thing I notice straight away is lack of sunscreen in this powder and for once, I'm happy about it. I hate the white cast produced from products with sunscreen in it. Sure, it protects from the sun.
The redness on my cheeks are concealed, so my skin tone looks even. However, it doesn't do much in covering my dark spots. The finish is a more even out skin tone and smoother looking face. Oh, it also has a matte finish you can see the picture below.
Overall, I liked using this either as a foundation or for touch ups throughout the day. I like the light feeling when I use it and the matte look it gives, which is great for photos (I prefer matte finishes in my photos). Priced at Rp 139,000 my opinion it's Perfect choice for long lasting matte finish. Size: 14 g

Pros :
- nice matte finish
- between sheer to medium natural coverage, does not look chalky
- soft fine texture, easy to spread evenly
- not cakey
- no whitecast
- many shades available
- easy to get, available locally from where I live.
- moisturizing, does not dry my skin
- including nice sponge applicator
- almost non scented/ weak scent
Cons :
- No spf
- a bit expensive but never mind I got it for free Yuhu...
- average oil control
- average lasting power
Repurchase? Yes cause I've some of voucher from the goodie bag :D

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