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Event Report Benefit Wow Your Brow With Jared Bailey Benefit Global Service Ambassador

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 Hello Beauties..

Well lately I often attend beauty events Now I'd like to tell you about event I attended the Benefit Indonesia event for  Wow Your Brow where they will teach you about eyebrows. Yes very happy to came at this event, why not right attending an event where I can learn all the details about eyebrows with Jared Bailey was the one who taught us the BROW.
 I arrived earlier because i prefer to be early than late. And Yo know Im very happy, I can took the chance  to take a picture with the most humble and loveliest Jared Bailey. He is so cheerful! I could not wait to learn about brow mapping and brow waxing.

The event started with MC her name is Ms. Daisy Utami as GM Benefit Indonesia. Ms. Daisy introduced us to Jared, lovely! Jared told us about the history of Benefit Cosmetics. It began in 1976 with the identical twins named Jean and Jane Ford starting by opening a face place in San Francisco and within 1 year, they released Benetint to one exotic dancer in 1977. In 1990 the brand Benefit was born and slowly but surely, they expand their wings to NYC, London, Asia and many more. The best and the unique point from them is their Brow Bar that was first launch in 2003 to help the women with their brows.

Jared Bailey is the international spokesperson for Benefit Cosmetics. He loves sharing the magical Benefit Beauty Service with the world. He is a licensed aesthetician and a global brow expert. He started working in Benefit as a Beauty Artist and worked his way up as a brand ambassador.  He loves to beautify every women's eyebrows! 

Bailey's presence in Indonesia is part of a roadshow in Asia to demonstrate how to form the perfect eyebrows using a mapping technique that consists of three steps, ie the starting point to measure the eyebrow, the curve of the eyebrow point and end point of the eyebrow. Brow mapping is a technique designed by Benefit to help a woman get the perfect eyebrow shape and natural.

There was game to mapping eyebrow. Then there was q & a session.  The next  it was food time after that I did my brow waxing done by them! It was good! Having your brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar not only to freshen up your look but also with the right shape, it will makes you look younger!  It is only a few minutes process and you will be handle with professional. In this brow bar, aside from mapping, they also do a Wince-Free Waxing Technique where this is the waxing service to shape the eyebrow and tweezing and cutting to neaten them.
One thing that is unique from the brow bar is trim the eyebrows in a sitting position. If the trim eyebrows in a lying position, the results of the eyebrows in a way that is not interesting. when in a sitting position as did the Benefit will be formed to the shape of the eyebrows that look natural

As you can see from the picture above, that is me before and the one after the service. Now all women can shape a perfect brows with Brow Bar only come at Benefit Cosmetics boutiques nearby. Before to shape eyebrows, every client can have a consultation with an Brow Expert Benefit to fit and be able to customize her face perfectly.

Well, that is all wrap! I really hope you enjoy this event report. Thank You Benefit Cosmetic! I will do a review and tutorial on the brow zings product soon!
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